Lima Council Discusses COVID Relief Funds

Lima-Lima’s city council discussed how the city would spend $ 26.5 million on US rescue planning legislation from the federal government on Monday night.

The committee-wide council discussed everything from blight elimination and housing to park improvement and scoon bar pool replacement. No official action was taken, but funding should be a topic of discussion at future council meetings. The council agreed that devastation was one of the biggest problems facing Lima.

“We have the opportunity to solve the problems of all the wards of the city,” said Peggy Jehora, a fourth ward council member. “I don’t care where you live. Choose the street. And we all know it. That’s all we’re talking about. We’re talking about rent. , Talk about the landlord, talk about withering, and never have the money to fix it. Everyone is complaining and I’m not going to give you the opportunity to solve the rest of the problems. “

According to the rules set by the federal government, money cannot be saved and used as reserve funds and must be used in a way that eases the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The city must make all financial promises by the end of 2024, and all the final consequences of that money must be completed by 2026.Part of that money has already been promised Downtown development, But most of the money remains unused.

The council also continued discussions on the establishment Regional improvement corporation In Lima, we will repair vacant, abandoned, dilapidated assets around the city and make them useful again.

Although the CIC idea was promised to help solve the city’s death problem, it received various reactions from the council, with questions about whether gentrification would be a by-product of CIC. Council Chairman John Nixon said he would help create the CIC because it has the opportunity to help solve one of the city’s biggest problems.

“I’ve heard the term gentrification many times. If you want to improve the look and quality of life of the city, make it as non-gentrified as possible in and around it. I think we need to agree, “said Nixon. “I have doubts about CIC, but I’m happy to support it, but I hope the property values ​​improve. As the value goes up, the property tax will increase. It’s probably someone paying for the house. Will increase, hopefully those who buy it at a higher value. “

An official vote on the establishment of CIC will take place next Monday at the council.

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Lima Council Discusses COVID Relief Funds

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