Lima Memorial Announces New Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

LIMA β€” The Lima Memorial Health System announced a new inpatient rehabilitation center on Thursday. This is a $ 2.5 million project to transform the fourth floor of a hospital into a family-friendly physiotherapy center designed to remind patients of their home.

The 17-bed rehab center now has a family cafe, garage, salon, gym and apartment-style living area where patients can regain their basic skills.

Tony Lampra, physiotherapy manager at Lima Memorial, is discharged because the space mimics what patients find in their homes, knowing how to perform routine tasks they could do before.

For example, a car simulator in a garage shows how a patient gets in and out of a car. The living area, on the other hand, is designed like a studio apartment where patients can open the refrigerator, sit on the sofa, and use appliances.

In addition to traditional physiotherapy equipment, the gym area has a dynamic weight support system that lifts the patient as they learn to walk and shifts the level of support they need based on the tasks they are performing. And includes an integrated treatment system that supports cognition. Memory, problem solving and adjustment.

Lima Memorial opened an inpatient rehabilitation center for patients in November 2020.

The project is part of a $ 30 million refurbishment and expansion project for the healthcare system, creating new outpatient and diagnostic imaging centers, cardiac areas, and remodeled patients and visitors. entrance It will resume later this year. In this project, the Lima Memorial Medical Center was built in Wapaconeta.

On Thursday, Nutrien donated $ 100,000 to two hospital rooms in the rehabilitation center.

“We have always been committed to health and safety,” said Todd Sutton, general manager of Nutrien Lima. “We are honored to be able to provide excellent inpatient rehabilitation to the community as part of this center. “.

Designed to mimic a studio apartment, the living area helps patients regain basic skills such as sitting on the couch and unloading laundry.

A car simulator in the garage area of ​​the Lima Memorial Inpatient Rehabilitation Center shows how patients can get in and out of the car again.

Nutrien donates $ 100,000 for $ 2.5 million refurbishment

Lima Memorial Announces New Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

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