Lima Rape alleges that Miranda’s rights have been violated

Lima-Lima police detectives testified on Wednesday that the rape suspect did not issue a Miranda warning to advise him of constitutional rights prior to an agreement-based interview at the city police station last summer.

Detective Matt Woodworth said no Miranda warning was needed, despite the arrest of 76-year-old suspect Johnny Thomasson at the end of the August 26 interview. He was not arrested. In the early stages of the interview, he may have gone out at any time.

Thomasson, 76, was charged twice in October 2021 on suspicion of rape. Both are felony once. The crime included allegations of sexual activity with a woman who was under the age of 13 at the time and was alleged to have occurred between June 2016 and December 2020.

Thomason was also charged with four charges: suspicion of serious sexual coercion, illegal use of minors in nudity-oriented materials or performances, and importation and dissemination of substances harmful to boys.

Woodworth took the position of a witness at a hearing at the Allen County Common Pleiacourt. In December, a lawyer at the Allen County Public Defender Office filed a petition with half of Thomasson seeking to suppress “any verbal statement” made by a Lima man to the authorities in the case. rice field. The motion alleges that Thomasson’s constitutional rights have been violated.

Assistant prosecutor Maria Cunningham called Woodworth to the stand to testify and provided a copy of the video recording of the interview in question as evidence.

Attorney Steve Chamberlain asked if Thomasson was the only suspect in the rape case at the time of the interview. The detective said he was. Judge Terry Coleiser asked Woodworth if Thomasson said anything that caused him to be arrested during the interview.

“He did. He confirmed that the allegations had been made against him,” Woodworth said.

Cole Riser will defend the movement with advice and will decide at a later date.

In this case, a new trial date of March 21 has been set.


Johnny Thomasson, 76, of Lima, charged with rape and other sexual crimes, is set to be tried on March 21st.

Lima Rape alleges that Miranda’s rights have been violated

Source link Lima Rape alleges that Miranda’s rights have been violated

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