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Lima’s senior head coach Alfonso “Biggie” Townsend said he thinks the Spartans are heading in the right direction as the second half of the regular season begins on Friday.

The winner of the series, Spartan, improved to 3-1 during the season, scoring 2-0 at the Three Rivers Athletic Conference and defeating Oregon Clay 28-13.

“I think our attack sparked,” Townsend said. “They were consistent, showing what they could do when DJ Clark came back last week and igniting everyone. Last week, they scored in all three phases: offensive, defensive and special team. rice field.”

It was Clark, a special team, who returned a 97-yard kick-off to help Sparta win.

Sparta scored 28 points. This is the second most aggressive output of the season.

Aggressively, Limasina rushed a total of 253 yards and passed 113 yards.

Spartans backed by Kamal Johnson is Rusher, who leads the 306-yard team with two touchdowns in 44 attempts. Last Friday, Johnson exploded at 183 yards and touched down with 15 carries.

At the quarterback spot, Aiden Howard spends most of his time and Zabion Garner lags behind the center. Both continue to make progress as Howard achieved 21-45 with 231 yards, one touchdown and six intercepts.

Against Clay, Sparta was 12 of 23 with 3 intercepts and 113 yards.

“On the first drive of the game, there were 5-6 straight first downs, but at the end it stalled, but that alone showed that the kids got it and got together at the right time. “I am,” said Townsend.

Defensively, the Spartans made another solid effort. In three of the four games this year, Sparta scored less than 13 points.

Against Oregon Clay, the defense intercepted the score, continuously putting pressure on the quarterback and recording safety.

Sparta’s Front Seven, led by defensive end Anthony Moseley and linebacker Marcus Browne, has contributed to defensive success. Moseley had nine and a half tackles, two sack, and a forced fumble. Townsend said he has about 10 tackles and 2 sack on average.

“Marcus played great and Germain Daniels played well and was the second major tackler in the game,” Townsend said. “Marcus played a lot to keep him safe, and in retrospect Matthew Miner and Anthony Moseley dismissed quarterbacks and knocked out six quarterbacks in three games, which is the difference between many games. think.”

Townsend said it was his team’s ability to return to the game to win, showing that the team is improving weekly.

“The kids went down twice in the game and never went up,” says Townsend. “It let me know that they are progressing and getting better. Winning boosts all energy and when you win it is contagious. Everyone is accountable to each other and who You can see that he wants to be better. “

Since attending the Three Rivers Athletic Conference, Townsend has continued to improve his practices as Limasina travels to face the unbeatable perennial power of Toledo Central Catholicism, and the Spartans have another big show. He said he needed to do it. TCC, Lima Senior, Toledo Whitmer, Free Montross are all 2-0 at the conference

The Irish have a 3-2 mark, which can be a bit deceptive. After the first match between Division I’s second-placed team Lakewood St. Edwards and Division II’s first-placed team Benedictine, the TCC won three straight games, surpassing their opponents 114-6. .. They beat Findley 41-6 two weeks ago and then Toledo St. Johns 38-0.

Leading defense responsibility is senior linebacker Chris Jackson, a leading candidate for Division I, and last year was Division II All-Ohio’s second team.

Unfortunately, Sam Lee is a senior wide receiver with 22 catches and 6 touchdowns at 467 yards.

Junior Thai Warn Clark is a TCC quarterback, winning three games in a row for the team, he is 690 yards, 63 46, and has no eight touchdowns and intercepts.

“We prepare for Central Catholicism, just as we prepare for Bowshire,” Townsend said. “We can control what Lima Senior can control. We can only go weekly to correct the mistakes we made and prepare our opponents on Friday.

Lima Senior has abandoned an average of 16 points in the game this year, limiting three of them to 13 points or less.

Spartans enter the second half of the season with consecutive wins

Lima Seniors gaining momentum-Lima News

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