Lima Service Initiative Promotes Safety

Allen County — Last year, 24 people were killed in a road accident in an adjacent area. The ultimate goal is zero. The Lima Service Initiative is a joint effort of Lima Police and the Ohio Highway Patrol to reduce fatalities.

Lima police officer Aaron Lord summarized the effort. “We do that through traffic enforcement. Speed ​​up with radar and riders. Check for stop signs, traffic lights, and all kinds of traffic violations that can inevitably cause traffic accidents. “

The initiative needs to be visible to the local population. Officer Rode said: Remember, we are not harassing you. We are not bothering you. I’m just trying to get the police to work to reduce road accidents. “

Shaunna Basinger of the Lima Allen County Regional Planning Commission explained how the data impact the initiative. “Crash data is analyzed. It can reveal what day of the week, what day of the month, and what time more crashes occur than at other times. Therefore, through partnerships, law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS. People from different disciplines such as, hospitals, engineers, etc. come together to analyze and handle collisions, serious injuries, and fatal collisions. Understand what happened and how to prevent them from happening again. can.”

Lieutenant Aleccoil, commander of the Limapost on the Ohio Highway Patrol, explains how that data is used. “It allows officers to be placed in those locations. Police officers sitting on the road alert everyone to follow speed limits, signs, stops and traffic lights. Its voluntary compliance is Helps avoid crashes, especially serious injuries and fatal crashes. We have reviewed the data. Instead of always having police officers, you can place soldiers and police officers in these areas. “

Lieutenant Aleccoil, commander of the Ohio Highway Patrol

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Lima Service Initiative Promotes Safety

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