Local companies work on the supply chain

LIMA — Local businesses gathered at the Lima Civic Center for Great American Sunrise on Friday morning. At this event, local business owners asked about supply chain issues facing the manufacturing and logistics industries and why Ohio is better suited for a comeback than other states across the country. ..

Scott Cockerell, Vice President of Wannemacher Total Logistics, highlighted the challenges of running a supply chain business through a pandemic. He considered the company capable of advancing into a dedicated team of employees.

“I’m facing a situation where I can’t get the product here. I can’t find the bottle, I can’t find the component, I can’t find the package. It’s absolutely crazy,” he said. “Wannemacher did not miss a day’s shipping date throughout the COVID pandemic. This is due to the wonderful team we have come together.”

Ohio owner Mike Powell’s Sign Solutions said the problem extends to the top of the supply chain, with some companies offering products to companies like him.

“They are struggling to fill the pipeline in the various areas they are doing,” he said. “They are the same, they are facing raw material problems to make materials or labor.”

Pandemics are straining supply chains around the world and there are no signs of immediate mitigation, but Ohio may be in a position to recover faster than other states.

According to Kevin Chambers, Managing Director of Logistics at Jobs Ohio, the state is powerful thanks to its large interstate highway system, large rail and air network, and the presence of the largest foreign trade zone in the Midwest. It has the tools to make a comeback.

“Ohio has a very strong logistics infrastructure,” he said. “I think we are facing these problems well, and we will see things going in the right direction.”

The Chamber of Commerce also emphasized the importance of continuing to build the state as a hub for e-commerce across the country. Increasing demand for online shopping also creates new challenges for the supply chain industry.

“Ohio was not only lucky enough to benefit from a huge e-commerce organization, but also saw a lot of employment growth and regional distribution centers, and there are many national distribution centers in Ohio. There is, “he said. .. “Thanks to our great railroads, highways, and our great work ethic in the Midwest, they feel very advantageous. It’s great to see that trend.”

Scott Cockerell of Wannemacher Logistics told a company in the Lima-Allen County Chamber of Commerce about a supply chain problem caused by a pandemic and job shortage.

Mike Powell of Sign Solutions, Ohio, talked about how his company is still facing production delays due to global supply chain issues.

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Local companies work on the supply chain

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