Locos appear to perform the playoffs

Lima-If Lima Locos sounds like they were here before, they are.

For the second year in a row, Locos has been charged late to reach the playoffs.

Last year, Locos won the last 12 regular season games to qualify for the postseason.

This year, after 10-13 on July 1st, we followed the rest of the road 11-4 to reach the Great Lakes University League playoffs.

Locos (21-17), who finished second in the North, will meet Michigan (23-15), who is number one in the three best GLCL semifinals.

Game 1 will take place on Tuesday at 7:05 pm at Siena Heights University, the monarch of Michigan.

Game 2 will take place Wednesday at 7:05 pm at Simmons Field in Lima.

Game 3 will return to Siena Heights on Thursday at 7:05 pm, if necessary.

Last year, when Locos didn’t play off, it was 2010.

Back on July 1st, Locos lost 9 out of 10 and was 10-13.

“Honestly, one or two innings were harder the way we were losing,” said Locos coach Matt Furt. “But I knew what they could have.

“They continued to play and we were able to get better pitching performance and hit when needed …. it feels good.”

One player who cranked it up in the second half was shortstop Ty Gill (Purdue) who took part in the league-leading Sunday game with a .375 hit.

He also leads the league on a walk (30) and second on a stolen base (25).

In Gil’s last 15 games, he recorded .464 (56 vs. 26).

Another key to the attack was Locos first baseman Derrick (DJ) Jackson (Jacksonville). Since joining the team on June 26, he has hit .377 with two home runs and 13 RBIs in 53 at-bats.

“They turned it on,” Furt said of Gil and Jackson. “When I needed something, there were people I could trust, and I asked the people at the bottom of the order to step up.

“DJs are always dangerous. When he is confident, he can be a really good person.”

Gil’s 25 stolen bases are the second most tied to Mike Mulligan in Locos history. Tyler Grog has a team and league stolen base record at 41.

“Thailand has the ability and when he goes, he can do really good,” Furt said. “He does a lot of good things. He has a high on-base percentage and can run.”

Second baseman Jayden Davis (Sam Ford) has been stable throughout the summer. He hits .337 with the team’s best 7 doubles and 19 RBIs. Davis was still playing high school balls in Tennessee this spring and was the first Jeonju team.

Outfielder Bryant Herring, Kennesaw, has hit .329 with four doubles and the team’s best 21 RBIs.

Third baseman Brenen Norton (Jacksonville) hits .304 with 6 doubles and 16 RBIs.

Catcher / Designated Hitter Isaiah Velasco (California) hits .300 with 12 RBIs.

First baseman Cade Sadler (Kennesaw) is hitting .280 with 15 RBIs.

Overall, Locos leads the league with on-base percentage (.280) and on-base percentage (.394).

Locos is ranked 7th in Team ERA with 4.90.

Right-handed Carter Doorn (Purdue) leads the league with 0.88 in ERA. He is 2-1 and has 47 strikeouts in 41 innings.

Dawn’s fastball is between 88 and 90, but is rising from 92 to 94. He also throws multiple off-speed pitches for strikes.

Dawn sells for Dan, Furdue’s brother, who is an assistant coach at Purdue University.

“He didn’t get a chance as a freshman this year (at Purdue University), but I knew he had the potential,” said Matt Furt. “He did a great job.

“I saw him at 94, and when he mixes at off-speed pitches at 88-90, he’s really tough.”

The bullpen was improved in the second half with the advent of Patrick Dillon (Toledo / Findley), Caden Klein (Toledo / Defiance) and Anthony Kyle (Findley / Perrysburg).

Kyle joined the team in late June, with 20 innings and 0.90 to 1-0. He has 27 strikeouts.

Dillon is 3-2 and 3-1. He has 42 strikeouts in 23 innings.

Klein (5.90) ​​threw a shutout inning six times in a row. He has 30 strikeouts in 21 innings.

Furt added that Kyle, Dillon and Klein could also start the playoffs game.

Left-handed Mirror Riggins (Kennesaw) will start Game 1 on Tuesday.

Riggins is 2.01 and 2-0. He has 32 strikeouts in 22 innings.

Dawn is penciled in to start Game 2 at home on Wednesday.

Michigan has a 5-1 record against Locos this summer.

Outfielder Longstaff leads the monarch by hitting .325 with 3 home runs and 14 RBIs.

Infielder Hayden Jatczak hit .303 with two home runs and 15 RBIs.

Outfielder Seth Gargery hit .290 with 21 RBIs.

Nick Powers is Monarch’s top starter, 0.94 and 0-0. The Keaton ballad is 3.89, 4-0.

Monarch last faced Locos on June 30th.

“When we last played, everything was working and nothing was working,” Furt said. “If we play good baseball, we can play with any team. I’m excited about the challenge.”

Locos appear to perform the playoffs

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