Long ball loses to captain 5-0, Loons – News-Herald

The captain’s pitching staff distributed five hits to the Great Lakes visit on July 21st. Unfortunately, three of them left the yard and the other two hits were RBI doubles.
James Outman, Andy Page, and Joe Blanesh all hit solo home runs, beating Runes to the host captain with a 5-0 shutout.
The loss drops the captain’s record to 37-31.
“Both teams had a good pitch,” said Captains manager Greg Disenzo. “It was a 5-0 game and it looked more biased than before. It felt like a 2 or 3-0 game. It was a good pitch match on both sides,” he said. ..
Xzavion Curry (3-1, 3.00) was quite effective overall. He gave up just four hits in the 6 1/3 innings. This tied him out for a season, but walked nothing and hit eight.
But the long ball bothered him.
All of Rune’s three home runs played against Curry, who absorbed the first defeat of the season.
“It wasn’t really a missed spot,” Curry said of the home run ball. “As a pitcher, you compete in the zone and work around the zone. Sometimes batters make good swings on the ball. They make good swings on it, and they happen to get out of the park.”
Outman led Homer in 4th place, after which the 1-inning page hit Homer to the far left.
Vranash’s round tripper was his seventh one-out shot.
“They are a hit lineup,” Curry said of Loons (37-31). “My focus with them was to attack them aggressively before they attacked me and made them uncomfortable with the (batter) box. I wanted to keep guessing as much as I could. “
The other two runs of the Great Lakes have come with the help of errors.
With two outs in the fifth inning, Deacon Liput reached an error and finished second in the balk. Then he returned home with a double to the right of Zack Chin.
Curry wasn’t the only captains pitcher who went out hard at night. Relief pitcher Tim Heron threw two innings and hit five innings. When Justin Yurchak reached the error and got home on the page’s RBI double, he was tagged with his ninth earned run.
Heron said he didn’t feel much warming up with the bullpen, but when he entered the game things were clicked.
The Great Lakes hit five times, but the captain hit four times. However, it was difficult to get a chance to score.
The captain was closest to scoring the seventh time George Valera reached second base with a dribbler. When Joe Naranho hit a single in the middle left, he came in third, but Naranho was thrown in an attempt to double his hit.
The captain also left the runners fifth, second, sixth first and third.
“Several balls were hit hard tonight, but that’s the name of the game,” Dichenzo said of a clutch hit that evaded the team. “I didn’t get a hit with the guys in the scoring position.”
Left-handed Alec Gamboa (3-3, 3.91) won, with two hits in five innings, no runs and five strikeouts.
“We don’t face many left-handed pitchers,” Dichenzo said. “Ordering takes an hour or two. That’s no excuse – that’s why.”
Captains and Runes will meet again on July 22nd, when the Great Lakes right-handed Logan Boyer (0-1, 4.50) will face Lake County’s Zack Draper, who will make his first start in Lake County this season. But over the last three seasons, Draper has a 9-5 record with the captain.
The opening ceremony is set at 7 pm

Long ball loses to captain 5-0, Loons – News-Herald

Source link Long ball loses to captain 5-0, Loons – News-Herald

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