Lorain County Community College Awards Graduation Class at “Doors of Opportunity” | Ohio

Elyria, Ohio, May 15, 2021 / PRNewswire /-In honor of Lorain County Community College In the 2021 graduation class, LCCC installed an innovative compliment to celebrate each student’s resilient journey to graduate from college. Twenty-one full-size doors line the grass-covered median strip, which stretches nearly 450 feet longer than a soccer field. Each of the supported and open doors has a different language, symbolizing the unique journey each LCCC student has taken to reach graduation day. By passing through the door, students not only found the right opportunity on the LCCC campus, but also found the support and confidence to take them to the next chapter in life.

Large Augmented Reality Installation Honors Community College Alumni

All doors include augmented reality videos that share the personal stories of graduates of each academic program. These 21 custom videos feature 25 members of the 2021 class who appear to enter the door in their own way when the viewer scans the QR code on every door.

“The Doors of Opportunity celebrates the courage that the 2021 class has shown to achieve its academic goals,” said LCCC President. Marcia J. Barringer, PhD “Many of our students faced incredible challenges during their journey, but nevertheless, they worked hard to graduate from college, perhaps during the most difficult years of their lives. Was. “

Graduation classes include 1,854 LCCC graduates with 2,234 degrees or certificates and 365 with an associate degree or master’s degree through the LCCC University Partnership, the largest class in the program’s 25-year history. Includes graduates. The 2021 class also includes 94 students who earned an associate degree in the same year they graduated from high school through Lorain County Early College High School and the College Credit Plus Program.

The 21 doors also offer the depth of academic opportunities LCCC offers to students by offering over 100 programs, including university partnerships offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, double high school enrollment options, and short-term training certificates. Represents.

Aidan Bandy A first-generation college graduate with an associate degree in applied business in computer information system software development says his story can be described in one word. Bandy works on software and game development in the same way that it brightens the spirits of children in local hospitals through Heroes United, an organization that has volunteers to visit patients in the guise of superheroes, and others We want to be able to find joy through the game.

“Children’s faces get brighter, seeing their favorite superheroes eliminates all their worries, and makes all the difference to them in the darkest months,” says Bandy. “I love helping people in the best possible way, and using my love of programming to bring joy to people through games will be my ideal career.”

For the door that boasts the word “achieve” Akua Agyemang, Coca-Cola Academic Team Gold Scholar and All Ohio Offer Store A member of the Academic Team. Agyemang holds an average of 4.0 Bachelor of Science degrees and will transfer to a four-year college to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry before attending medical school to become an obstetrician and gynecologist.

“LCCC has given me the opportunity to work with talented students and faculty members who share a passion for harnessing their intellectual talents to help others, and share the same values ​​and passions as I do. She also gave me the privilege of working closely with those who do, “she says. Is called.

Ballinger says the single-row doors symbolize commonality between unified graduation classes, but each door brings to life the unique path students take to reach today.

“A universal approach to education no longer works in today’s world,” says Ballinger. “LCCC meets where students live to help them achieve their academic goals, and today graduates are passing through that door and heading for future opportunities. . “

The Doors of Opportunity display is opened for daily viewing. May 23.. Visitors are encouraged to take their smartphones to operate doors, take pictures, and share on social media using #LoraincccGrad and #LCCCProud.

Learn more about the start of LCCC and celebrate graduates beginment.lorainccc.edu..

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Source Lorain County Community College

Lorain County Community College Awards Graduation Class at “Doors of Opportunity” | Ohio

Source link Lorain County Community College Awards Graduation Class at “Doors of Opportunity” | Ohio

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