Lorain’s Illusion Hair Design Closes Door 37 Years Later-Morning Journal

Illusion Hair Design has been a place of friendship for 37 years.

Kenneth Patton, owner and master of Illusions Hair Design, has announced that the hairdresser will be completely closed.

The business is located on 3157 Broadway in Lorain.

Patton was the landlord of the building, but he closed the door due to the sale of the property.

“It’s time to shut it down because of the (new coronavirus) pandemic and other obstacles we have to face now,” he said.

Patton graduated from King High School in 1974.

In 1929, he graduated from Ohio University in hairdresser styling.

Patton is married to Susan Patton and the father of six children.

Patton has been a barber since 1980, but didn’t open until 1984.

“I’ve been a barber for 41 years,” he said.

Patton said he loves to make people look their best.

Kenneth Patton, Master Barber and Owner of Illusions, has been a barber since 1980. (Aliah Kimbro – )

“I want people to look beautiful,” he said. “I called it an illusion because so many people come with illusions and unrealistic expectations.

“It’s optical. People want a particular perspective and I help them reach their potential.”

Patton said his love for cutting hair began when he was young in the basement of his parents’ home.

“I started a barber shop at the age of 13 in the basement,” he said. “I cut my hair and my family’s hair.”

Patton opened a store after working in the manufacturing industry, but wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur.

“I didn’t like other jobs so much, so I wanted to open a store,” he said. “I wanted to be more practical and do a cleaner type of work.”

Interacting with people is what Patton said he misses most.

“I miss my comrades and I’m just talking to people,” he said.

Patton said he lovingly remembers the years of the barber and landlord, but looks forward to the next chapter in his life.

“I’m not ready to sit down,” he said.

Patton said he wouldn’t be surprised if he had his hair cut elsewhere.

“This is the labor of love,” he said. “It’s a little difficult to quit.”

The last business day of Illusion Hair Design is August 30th.

Patton said he would still cut his hair for a client living in a nursing home in Lorain County.

In honor of the illusionary heritage, a celebration will be held on August 31st at 1:00 pm.

Illusion furniture and materials are currently available on the Facebook Marketplace.

Lorain’s Illusion Hair Design Closes Door 37 Years Later-Morning Journal

Source link Lorain’s Illusion Hair Design Closes Door 37 Years Later-Morning Journal

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