Lori Borgman: Everyone got excited around the fall

We all need to ponder more. Autumn is the perfect time to sit, ponder and ponder, especially in front of the fire. So I say the work I recently read. This was good news as all of our adult kids have outdoor fire pits. Fortunately for us, we are sometimes invited to join them.

That said, I meditate around the countryside son’s fire hole as wild animals rush out of the forest in the dark, waiting for snakes to slip around their feet and bats to wipe out. I can not do it. It gets entangled in the hair. There are fire pits that require reflection and fire pits that require adrenaline.

Fortunately, the other two fire pits we visit frequently are hidden in the suburbs, and wildlife only appears by appointment. The other day, as the sun set and the flames fluttered, we were around the hole in the fire.

The air had a gloomy atmosphere. I think this is essential to drink with a drink named Pumpkin Spice. When the two loved ones began to discuss the chair, I wondered how Grand gave us more joy (the beginning of meditation) than we could ever have. Was there. The quarrel escalated and required parental intervention.

Things settled down, then the s’more qualities arrived. Immediately the children jumped and shook a long fork with sharp metal tongs with fiery marshmallows towards the night sky. The window of contemplation has passed. First aid is ready.

The paths I often go to are lined with trees that form canopies overhead. In the fall, it’s like walking in a painting that changes color constantly. It’s an ideal place to muse, but it’s also the time when the black walnut trees bear fruit. Ripe black walnuts are like small green tennis balls filled with concrete and wrapped in an oil slick. They cracked and hit the trail, making a similar noise to the skull. You need to be aware of what is overhead. At the same time, watch for black walnuts scattered along the path, wait for them to stumble, roll their ankles, twist their knees, and send them in a spiral.

It’s difficult to be vigilant and muse at the same time. The muse on the trail didn’t work, but my kicking skills applied to black walnuts are top notch.

The other day, I sat on a bench in the backyard and stayed a little longer to enjoy the colors. To be honest, I was pausing to check the sound of my cell phone. The wind became stronger and the riche and crimson leaves spun on the ground. I looked up at where they came from and saw the jet trail overhead. I remembered the flight I needed to book and ran through all my thoughts.

Added muse to the to-do list. This fall hasn’t had a muse yet and may not happen this fall, but there may be a reason to look forward to a long, cold and snowy winter.

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Lori Borgman: Everyone got excited around the fall

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