Lori Borgman: Gifts and treasures are piled up

I recently received some great gifts for you — and it’s not my birthday or anything.

There is a paper bookmark on the desk, and the letters “grandma” are drawn in different colors. A large bookmark with a zigzag edge and a small heart cut in the middle. Slide the corner of the page you want to bookmark into your heart.

You’re a genius, right?

Last week I received a new pillow. The pillows are pale pink, with small green and white floral patterns, and are approximately 10 inches x 10 inches in size. Each seam is sewn straight as a ruler. There are also homemade pillows made by Grand with bright sunflower fabrics and bold camera prints. I didn’t know I needed more pillows, but it was lovingly made and I’m sure you’ll find it. There’s a pillow, then a pillow, so it’s a prominent place.

Next to the picture of the family sitting on the dresser in our bedroom are some small rocks and dried black walnuts that were given to me. These treasures were casually not let go. They were mined from Earth with dirty hands and a loving heart.

The other day, a letter sent for no particular reason contained a sweet note. The paper star also fell from the envelope. It is blue, with a red heart in the middle, and the letter G in the center of the heart. You can attach a “G” to the shirt to fix the stars. I think this is similar to wearing one of these medicated warning buttons. Only my paper stars are not connected to first responder services.

Compassionate. Very thoughtful.

From time to time I receive short stories and newsletters, which remind the authors of exactly how many famous writers got off to a good start. Maybe.

A few weeks ago, the doorbell rang, and a boy was standing there, shining from ear to ear with a bouquet of wildflowers. Cheerful black-eyed Susan, wild geranium, and Virginia Mountain Mentha are all tucked into your shoes. Worn, dirty, muddy tennis shoes. It was a beautiful award-winning bouquet. The best shoes.

The boy also had an old blue ball jar that he found digging near an old hut in their possession and gave it to me. In addition, he wanted to get his muddy shoes back. It was a good deal.

A woman with a colorful pillow under one arm, a book with bookmarks hanging under the other arm, various artwork, small rocks, dry black walnuts, wilted wild in a blue ball jar A bouquet of flowers, and a paper star with a “G” on the shirt, point out to others and say, “There is the wealthiest woman in the world.”

Columnist Lori Borgman has written McClatchy-Tribune’s Borgman-Column. (MCT)

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Lori Borgman: Gifts and treasures are piled up

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