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The grass shook on May 22 when boy scout Michael O’Brien, 13, started the Eagle Scout Services project, one of the most important missions of his young life.

From the first grade, Michael was a member of an organization that was responsible, determined, witty and taught him about empowerment, his father Dan O’Brien said.

“As a parent, I think Scouts are great. It teaches them life skills and leadership,” he said.

Over the years, Michael said he enjoyed being part of the Boy Scouts of America. From camping to service projects to collecting badges, Michael knew that was what he wanted to do throughout his life.

From 9 am to 3 pm, Michael, his parents, and some of his Troop 159 members restored the “V” sculpture at Victory Park in Lorraine.

Dedicated on April 22, 1912, this monument was intended to honor those who served in World War I and died for their own country.

“Because of World War I, it’s really important to honor the 40 veterans who died in Lorraine,” Michael said.

It took me a month to figure out which project Michael wanted to complete. Not knowing what he wanted to do, he called Tom Brown, Executive Director of the Lorraine Port Authority.

As part of the project, Michael will restore the “V” monument and clean the winged Victory statue in the park.

The park is small compared to many in Lorraine, but Michael said it wasn’t that important. He will spend May 22nd and 23rd mulching, repainting, planting and cleaning until he is happy with the results.

“I’m really excited for the first time. I feel that having an image of what it should be would be a great way to honor veterans,” he said.

Lorraine: Boy Scouts Decorate Victory Park | Lifestyle

Source link Lorraine: Boy Scouts Decorate Victory Park | Lifestyle

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