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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 15, “Retreat Ready.”]

Remaining couple love at first sightThe day of the decision is approaching, and the 12th season is approaching the finish line. But as they prepare for the next stage of marriage, they participate in a traditional couple’s hideout.

Heading to Hilton Head, South Carolina, these Atlantans are at a breakthrough in several major relationships. I still don’t know if they are the best. The following analyzes all retreat dramas.


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Haley and Jacob choose to drive separately when the participating couple begins their journey from Georgia to South Carolina, the decision he believed was best for their continued tension. Meanwhile, Eric and Virginia, Vincent and Brianna depart in a shared vehicle as a couple. Eric and Virginia’s rides are full of passive-aggressive comments while the duo continue to pattern on and off.

Jacob arrives first, claiming that Haley has forgotten that he was making a supper for the group that night, and he doesn’t waste time serving himself some eggs. .. Her annoyance is obvious on arrival and he does not help her in the kitchen when she begins to prepare meals. Awkwardness continues through dinner with Eric, Virginia, Vincent, and Brianna, who cannot help feeling the separation between Haley and Jacob, especially when he calls their marriage a never-ending bad first date. After dinner, the couple play a game called “MAFS-ology” that tests each other’s knowledge. Tensions begin to ease, especially when Haley and Jacob win.

From the second day

Married in First Sight Season 12

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Clara and Ryan join the couple the next morning. It’s unclear why they didn’t travel to Hilton Head on the same day as the others, but it was still a good start to the day as they arrived in time for breakfast. When Virginia pulls her aside to complain that she and Eric had a quarrel the night before, something the viewer didn’t see in the camera turns into a good mood for Clara.

In the kitchen, the conversation continues, asking the girls if they feel they’re losing themselves in marriage, noting that it’s the question she was asked. Virginia says she is beginning to understand how opposed she and Eric are.


First Sight Season 12 Married in Vincent Brianna

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It’s fun to be together, but the couple enjoys some separate activities alone with each other. Haley and Jacob choose to fish for crabs on a more civilian outing than the night before dinner. Virginia and Eric, on the other hand, enjoy a picnic on the beach, but revealing how hard she wants to fight for marriage will cover some heavy topics.

Ryan and Clara go to paddleboarding, and when they maneuver in the water, she gets more success in terms of balance. Vincent is scared during an excursion with Brianna, including horseback riding on the beach. At first they refused it, but in the end they were convinced and they shared a fun afternoon.

Expert exercises

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara Ryan

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Experts advise some couples to write letters praising each other’s qualities. The first are Haley and Jacob. Haley and Jacob admire how loyal they are to their families, away from their former Tiffs, and admit that they can understand why they were united in the first place. Clara and Ryan’s letters reveal how strongly they feel about each other, especially how much Ryan cares. It’s clear that Clara is relieved by his words, even though she can’t say “I love you” yet.

When women get together after exercising, Haley claims that Jacob’s tone was negative while they were out, which caused a bit more tension despite the breakthrough in their letter. As for Clara, she says she needs to feel the love from Ryan before she can say yes on the day of the decision, but they feel like they’re heading in the right direction.

Final night

Married in First Sight Season 12

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Last night, the couple share a lot of laughter while Haley and Jacob cook the crabs they caught on the excursion. Brianna and Vincent, who are discussing their diet, share some legitimate concerns about their next move after the decision date. She is worried about leaving the space and the apartment. Meanwhile, Eric and Virginia have revealed that animals are not allowed in his apartment and that Virginia refuses to leave the fur baby behind, so they will live separately. They have reached a stalemate and do not seem to know how to improve the situation. Even though Eric reminded her that she was allergic to cats, Virginia doesn’t hesitate to keep her pets nearby, so the conversation continues when they go to bed.


Love at first sight Season 12 Married Haley

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Jacob leaves early, leaving the retreat house before everyone else wakes up, Haley looks for him, and others leave him annoyed by his strange departure. The other pairs reflect their experience, which seemed quite successful overall, and definitely feel that way compared to past couple retreats in recent seasons. Will relative peace continue, or will it be the calm before the storm on the decision day? stay tuned.

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“Love at first sight”: 6 important moments from “Retreat Toledi” (RECAP) | Entertainment

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