Mail?Delivery is late and delayed on the way

Lima — “Checks are mailed” may or may not be correct, but it seems less certain when the check will actually arrive in Lima.

Local residents and business owners have expressed concern and dissatisfaction with the excessive delay or non-existence of USPS deliveries.

Dan Rupert, who lives near the Tamarack Golf Course on North Stevic Road, said he had not received any US mail between Wednesday, November 24th and Monday, November 29th.

Then he contacted the Lima Post Office. There was a problem with unloading the truck, and employees said that “half of Lima” received the email later than usual.

“I was told that the post office wasn’t full,” Rupert speculated that his regular carrier might have been on vacation on Thanksgiving holiday weekends. In the end, he finally got the delivery early Tuesday morning.

Nadia Dalai, a strategic communications specialist at the United States Postal Service, explained in an email that due to the increased volume of mail, mail carriers may deliver until 9 pm during the holiday season.

“Thanks for your patience and guarantees that all emails are delivered. They may receive it late at night,” she said.

“In Lima, you can see that the email is currently being delivered.”

For local businesses that tend to receive email during non-business hours, the “current” may be a matter of opinion.

Jessica Trinko, executive director of Lima Convalescent Home, said in an email that she had “problems” with delivery by 5 pm when her care facility office on Allentown Road closed.

Trinco, wife of David Trinco, editor-in-chief of Lima News, said: She added that such a drop box costs about $ 500.

Nevertheless, she did not have the attitude of returning to the sender about the slow drop-off.

“The mail carrier tried to adapt as much as possible to work with us,” she said.

Calling 1-800-ASK-USPS on Tuesday gave me automated answers and recommendations. Post offices across the country have recorded messages that “staff are limited,” but delivery issues are monitored daily.

If you do not receive the email after 3 business days, we recommend that you call again from the USPS so that you can “escalate” and investigate the problem.You can also visit, Especially for packages with tracking numbers.

You can see the packages delivered by the United States Postal Service. Local residents and businesses have expressed concern about the delivery of mail and boxes by the post office.

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Mail?Delivery is late and delayed on the way

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