Mayor declares “Breastfeeding Awareness Month” in August

Lima-The city of Lima officially approved August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month and proclaimed Wednesday morning to participate in the national initiative. Howard Elstro, Director of Public Works, Lima, read the proclamation on behalf of Mayor of Lima, David Berger.

The proclamation provided information on its benefits and called on all Lima residents to encourage and support breastfeeding.

Lori Nester, Breastfeeding Coordinator at WIC, Allen County, thanked the mayor for shedding light on this issue.

“We now have a very sensitive time to issues such as harassment and sexual harassment. And for some people, bringing up a conversation about breastfeeding is especially for men in a position where you are in power. If so, I think it can be difficult, “Nester said. “So I’m really grateful for the years of support (from Berger) that we’ve done this.”

The city will participate in the exercise in the midst of World Breastfeeding Week, which will further focus on this topic in the first week of August.

Mayor declares “Breastfeeding Awareness Month” in August

Source link Mayor declares “Breastfeeding Awareness Month” in August

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