Mega Weekend-A lot of shopping, art and pride this weekend!

Anne Evans

Mega Weekend – There's a lot of shopping, art and pride this weekend!It’s fun outside with friends! Photo by cottonbro of Pexels.

Have a nice weekend!

Live music

Windborn Queen Music

Head to Nelsonville Summer concert..
Big gigantic Plays Westland Drive-in.
go to Franklinton Fridays Music series.
Columbus Taco Week I will pass Saturday.
Get some Dole whip With cream & sugar.
ProMusica has Beer & brass..
Picnic with pop It starts with Windborne’s The Music of Queen.


The Smithery retail store, owned by Anne Holman and Jen Townsend, will close on Saturday, June 12.

to shop Pearl market POP on friday POP space For some delicious meringes and more!
Polaris Night Market It starts on Friday.to shop Friendship free..
Old Town Easts From trash can to treasure The yard sale is Saturday.
There is a record store day drop Lost weekend, Used kids, And A spoonful. You have to shop until saturday Smithery retail store..
In the Green Lawn Monastery Crypt-ique..
to shop Moonlight market And Nikko Market..

Enjoy exploring art

Franklington 2021 art is June 12th

Actors Theater continues to Schiller Park Much Ado About Nothing..
Ronnie Love I’m in Funny Bone.
Natural resilience Opened at Franklin Park Conservatory.
Local movie Poser It made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival and can be seen at home on Friday.Studio 35 will play snatch Beer tasting included.
support Art for Franklinton Saturday.
listen Hanif Abdulakib, Author of They can’t kill us until they kill us..

What else can I do this weekend?

Do you support Dine.Drink.Dress tonight?
go Behind the seams At UpWest.Please help me make Goodale Park beautiful.learn First aid Use herbs.
In Reynoldsberg Pride Celebration..
Do a stone wall Tea dance in the city..

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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Mega Weekend-A lot of shopping, art and pride this weekend!

Source link Mega Weekend-A lot of shopping, art and pride this weekend!

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