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Miami Condo Collapse: Beware of fake fundraising and other scams

According to experts, after a disaster or tragedy, fake crowdfunding pages and scams often appear in an attempt to steal money from those who want to help victims.

Rescue and restoration efforts continued after a condo in Surfside, Florida CollapseMiami-Dade officials urged the public not to donate money to anyone claiming to be recovering or raising money for their family without first visiting Miami-Dade County Government Website To find a legitimate way to donate.

The Internal Revenue Service has also warned the public about fraudulent plans and fake charities that may emerge around widely publicized tragedy and disasters.

The organizations that local civil servants in South Florida support relief donations are:

  • The Coral Gables Community Foundation, Key Biscayne Community Foundation, Knight Foundation, Miami Foundation, Miami Heat, and Miami Heat Charitable Foundation are working together to help recovery efforts and support victims’ families. For more information on approved organizations, please visit:
  • You can also donate to United Way
  • And Chess fund.. It is a central fund created by The Shul of Bal Harbor and was established for direct distribution to victims and families as needed.

If you are looking for a donation Crowdfunding site GoFundMe created this page Be confident that your money is being spent on legitimate efforts to help victims.

A GoFundMe spokesman said the company had “no misuse” of the platform associated with the collapse of the tower.

The IRS urges taxpayers to be aware of “scammers who have established fake organizations” who are trying to take advantage of the kindness of those who just want to help. These scams are common on the phone, but crowdfunding sites are also popular, and one of the most popular is GoFundMe.

The IRS provides the following advice to avoid fraud:

  • “Individuals should not put pressure on the caller. Legitimate charities are always willing to accept donations, so there is no need to rush. Donors are encouraged to take the time to investigate. To do.”
  • “Potential donors need to ask the fundraiser for the exact name, web address, and mailing address of the charity, as we can see later. Some fraudulent telemarketers Some people confuse people with names that sound like famous large charities. “
  • “Be careful about how you pay for donations. Donors shouldn’t work with charities that ask for payment by entering numbers from gift cards or wiring money. Just as fraudsters pay people. It’s the way to ask. It’s safest to pay by credit card or check — and only after doing some research on the charity. “

Surfside officials also urged those who want to volunteer not to appear at the site of the collapse, but please register at Miami-Dade County Emergency WebsiteFirst, wait for it to be called.

You can sign up to be Emergency relief volunteer On the county website.

Miami Condo Collapse: Beware of fake fundraising and other scams

Source link Miami Condo Collapse: Beware of fake fundraising and other scams

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