Mike Evans mistakenly gives Phantom Brady’s 600th touchdown football

Did this Buccaneers fan enthusiastically negotiate to return Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball?

Tampa, Florida — Sunday’s NFL game certainly had some biased scores that didn’t make much sense, but what’s as puzzling as what happened in the Buccane-Bears game, which involves fans and very valuable football. It may not have been.

At the end of the first quarter of the Bucs-Bears game, Tom Brady found Mike Evans in the 9-yard touchdown end zone.

What Evans didn’t know was that it was Brady’s 600th touchdown pass (yes, 600th). So Mike Evans does what Mike Evans does and gives the ball to the fans sitting in the front row outside the end zone because he is a good guy.

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Of course, one of the Bucs staff had to retrieve the ball for something like Brady or the NFL Hall of Fame. You could see it on the air when someone told Mike Evans and he was shocked and said, “Oh, I handed out the ball.”

CBS deputy reporter Tracy Wolfson said in a broadcast that Bucks officials went and asked what fans could be given to get the ball back. Wolfson reported that officials gave fans another game ball and promised “some kind of autographed jersey” that would work later.

Then commentator Jim Nantz came in and said to the fans, “It’s a terrible deal.” is.

according to USA TodayA fan identified as Byron Kennedy, 29, in St. Petersburg, received another game ball, a signed jersey, and $ 1,000 in the team store. After the match, Tom Brady said, “I’m going to get something good in return.”

Should fans have sought more from arguably the best and most successful players in the history of sports? The ball can be worth thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

If you were a fan, what did you do in that situation?

You can see NFL Network Kyle Blancft breaks it all down with Good Morning Football..

Mike Evans mistakenly gives Phantom Brady’s 600th touchdown football

Source link Mike Evans mistakenly gives Phantom Brady’s 600th touchdown football

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