Mills Lawn Student Says Goodbye to Chief Carlson

Millslawn students and staff, and Mayor Pamconiin, applauded police chief Brian Carlson. Mills Lawn thanked him for his service. At a short ceremony on Thursday, October 14, the students presented Carlson with a “thank you” plaque. (Photo by Jessica Thomas)

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When Chief Brian Carlson drove to Mills Lawn Elementary School on Thursday, October 14, the students cheered and waved “Thank you” and “Goodbye” signs.

Carlson (five of whom are chiefs), who had been with the Yellow Springs police for 12 years, will leave the army in November.

Village council members, Mayor Pamconiin, Director Terry Holden, Principal Megan Winston, John Guggel School Counselor, and representatives of the Mills Lawn Student Organization spoke to Carlson about his dedication to student safety.

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“We want to say’thank you’and now is the time to do it,” Guggel said.

Coniine led a group of fifth graders with call and response cheers. “When I say” thank you, “you say” chief. ” ”

A crowd of spectators joined the cheers, and the laughter from the students increased at the nearby playground.

Marianne McQueen, Vice President of the Village Council, thanked Carlson on behalf of the Parliament and village staff.

“You are the big-hearted man we needed and wanted from the police chief because we understand the values ​​of the community,” MacQueen said. “I thank you for the work you have done, and we know you miss you, but I hope you move on to something fun.”

Winston also thanked Carlson for the care and support he provided to primary school.

“Thanks to Secretary Carlson for adopting Mills Lawn students and staff, allowing them to be part of his family, and treating them that way,” she said.

Director Holden described the culture of service that Carlson created in the village during his tenure as chief.

“As a school overseer and a resident of Yellow Springs, you know you worked really hard to keep the community safe and turn police awareness into one of the servant organizations,” Holden said. Told. “We noticed it, we thanked it, and we really miss you.”

After Holden’s remarks, members of the Student Organization gave Carlson a plaque to honor his many years of service to the community.

“Thank you, chief,” said the students.

In a short speech, Carlson said that the connection between the faculty and the school was “extremely important.” He said he was proud of the work he was able to do and called it a “great honor.”

In the final part of his speech, Carlson trusted his wife for his ability to deal with work demands.

“It’s difficult for a family to get a police officer home every night,” he said. “Thank you very much for all the support you have given me over the 12 years here.”

Mills Lawn Student Says Goodbye to Chief Carlson

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