Mom died from COVID-19 after giving birth to a premature baby

Kristenroy has postponed vaccination for pregnancy. By the time she promised to take a shot, it was too late.

Indianapolis — He’s still a long way to go, but his baby, Elijah Levy Roy, is here after being born in just 25 and a half weeks and is getting well every day in the NICU of the Riley Children’s Hospital.

“The fact that he is alive and doing well is a miracle,” said Elijah’s aunt Courtney Burke.

Burke will tell his nephew how hard his mother, Kristen, fought to stay alive, even if she fought COVID-19, when she reached an understandable age. Then he also has a chance to fight.

“She’s involved in all life support is why he’s been able to get to where he can be born and give him time to get a chance. A few weeks ago he wouldn’t have had a chance at all.” Burke explained.

Born in Franklin, 38-year-old Kristen married her husband Matthew in December and became pregnant a few months later.

“She was very excited,” Burke said, explaining that Kristen didn’t want to get the COVID vaccine right away. Because I didn’t know how it would affect my baby.

But when her doctor recommended it, Kristen made a promise.

“It was too late at that point,” Burke said.

Kristen tested positive for COVID-19 on July 9.

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“Within just a week, she was hospitalized,” Burke said, and her sister’s condition deteriorated rapidly and was put to life support to give Elijah as much time as possible before she was born.

“Then, on August 13, it was time for her statistics to drop significantly, so if you don’t give birth today, you’ll lose her and your baby,” Burke recalls.

The doctor told Kristen’s family that she might not survive a Caesarean section. She did, but she wasn’t aware that she could see her son.

“He couldn’t see her,” Burke said in tears.

Two weeks later, Kristen died at the IU Health Methodist Hospital, but the little Elijah fought to live.

“I think she saved his life. She held up long enough for him to be born,” Burke said.

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Still, Kristen Roy isn’t there for his son’s first birthday, his first step, or his first day of school.

“She will be with him,” Burke called her sister Elijah’s “guardian angel.”

Still, that’s not the way Kristen’s family wanted.

“Together, we allow Eli to have a good life, but still not as good as what he would have spent with his mother,” Burke added.

It’s hard for this sad sister to know that the vaccine could have prevented her sister from dying.

“It was too late for her, but not for many other pregnant women. It’s not. It’s not too late yet,” Burke said, and her sister’s story convinces other pregnant women to be vaccinated. He added that he wanted to do that.

“Maybe her death, it’s not in vain,” Burke said.

Mom died from COVID-19 after giving birth to a premature baby

Source link Mom died from COVID-19 after giving birth to a premature baby

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