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Los Angeles (AP) — GameStop and a few other stocks whose meteorite rise shocked Wall Street have begun to return to Earth this week.

However, according to some analysts, a campaign called “shorts” that temporarily boosted GameStop by 1,600% at the expense of hedge funds betting on loss of value is a blueprint for similar efforts with other stocks. It may be a photo.

“Cats are out of the populist bulletin board trader’s bag,” said Ross Mayfield, investment strategist at Baird. “I don’t know when, where, and what (in stock), so I think it will reappear. I think there will be a bigger move going on.”

Other serious short stocks include Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macerich Co.

Barclays Capital analysts said this week that the GameStop episode was “a wake-up call that could have a permanent impact on institutional business models.”

It’s unclear whether the enthusiasm for these stocks has ended, or whether it has simply eased after Robin Hood and other online brokerage firms have restricted some types of trading in response to overwhelming volumes.

AMC Entertainment, another investor-hyped stock on Reddit and other social media sites, fell 32% until Wednesday, while headphone maker Koss Corp. fell 60%.

GameStop’s unlikely profit was the result of a tug of war between small investors and large institutions. According to analytics firm S3 Partners, Citron Research, Melvin Capital, and other large hedge funds have lost an estimated $ 5 billion bet when GameStop falls.

Meanwhile, small investors have rebounded against stock prices. People on Reddit forums like WallStreetBets have touted this effort, even if GameStop continues to plunge and individual investors may face significant losses.

The forum has about 8.4 million subscribed accounts, more than four times the number at the beginning of 2021. A year ago, the forum had only 814,000 members.

“It’s true that a little guy is bending his muscles,” said Pauline Bell, an analyst at CFRA Research. “Retail investors now have the tools to unite and move the market.”

Some investors bought GameStop to make money while forcing losses on large Wall Street institutions. Others were happy to support retailers who remember buying video games. Mall-based retailers acquired a new CEO last year and are trying to adapt consumers to switch to online gaming purchases.

Another factor that can make stocks an attractive candidate for “short squeeze” is how strongly hedge funds are betting on falling stock prices. As of the end of January, GameStop was the most deficient US stock, with nearly 90% deficient, according to FactSet.

No matter which stock Reddit then promotes, the strategy will only succeed if enough investors agree to buy the stock. The recent surge in new accounts that subscribe to WallStreetBets suggests that the number of potential participants in another stock purchase campaign has grown enormously.

“As more retail investors are drawn into the WSB, the influence of retail options investors will increase,” Barclays analysts wrote.

Still, Dan Eagan, managing director of behavioral finance and investing in Betterment, a financial advisory firm, expects that interest in equity trading will diminish among many individuals after the pandemic. Many new entrants to online trading were attracted to it last year, partly because they were stuck at home during the virus blockade.

“When the vaccine goes on sale and things get back to normal, people will decide that there’s more fun they can do in their time than spending on the phone,” Eagan said.

More GameStops Allowed as Small Investors Bend Muscles | Business

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