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The historic Apollo 11 NASA footage that landed in 1969 was the first image displayed on MTV on August 1, 1981, with the MTV flag added to the mix.

MTV is celebrating its 40th anniversary, renewing the iconic image of an astronaut on the moon and raising the MTV flag nearby.

On Sunday, the Media Network unveiled a large “Moon Person” at a ceremony at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The new design was inspired by the Moonperson image created by Kehin Dewiley, who painted this year’s portrait. Barack Obama, former president of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. In an interview with Associate Press this week, MTV Entertainment President and CEO Chris McCarthy said the image of space travel fits well with the spirit of a young audience.

“This is our third generation we are reinventing. Generation Z is one of the most interesting, incredibly creative and optimistic generations ever,” he said. rice field. “So we thought,” Let’s go back to origin and do it at NASA, but in reality let’s do it about the next frontier. This represents Gen Z, the beautiful moon man built by Kehinde. It represents where we are going. The next heading. “

The historic Apollo 11 NASA footage that landed in 1969 was the first image to appear on MTV on August 1, 1981, with the MTV flag added to the mix, and the first video was the Buggles. It was “Video Killed the Radio Star”. “MTV has greatly expanded the power of visual images in the music industry, and since then has expanded its reach significantly, broadcasting worldwide, and influential in VH1, Comedy Central, the early reality show” The Real World “, etc. I added a channel or program.

After artists such as fans, reviewers, music industry leaders, and David Bowie criticized the channel for broadcasting videos that were virtually white performers for the first few years, MTV became popular with Michael Jackson and others. I started playing a high black artist. The hip-hop show “Yo! MTV Raps, which debuted in the United States in 1988,” was praised for emphasizing subculture, which eventually became popular culture.

“If you don’t say you made a mistake along the way, you’ll lie. One of the big mistakes in the early days was that you didn’t play a wide variety of music,” McCarthy said. “So we did hit the road and made some mistakes, but the great thing I’ve always learned on MTV is to own the mistakes, fix them quickly, and try to do the right thing. , There is no problem in always following the destination of the viewer. “

MTV now has a significant presence on social media, with more than 700 million followers on MTV Entertainment.

“We launched what was the new media of the time as a video channel in 1981. It’s hard to believe, it was a cable,” McCarthy said. “I think the interesting and interesting thing about MTV is that you always have to blow yourself up and forget everything you know in order to recreate new entities from generation to generation.”

MTV 40th Anniversary | 10tv.com

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