Musician Bryan Devendorf shows new gratitude to the house

given names: Brian Davendorf
age: 44
who is he: drummer National The leader of the band Royal Green, who released their debut album in 2020.

Photo by Graham Machine Doe

At what age did you leave Cincinnati and when did you come back?

I left at the age of 18 and returned in February 2013 at the age of 37.

Why did you go home?

After living in Brooklyn for a while, it was too expensive to justify living in Brooklyn. The rest of National’s bandmates were more or less away from New York City. In addition, we were new parents with two babies. After finding an affordable apartment there and firing a blank, I was hooked on the Shiv Seekline website, where the entire Cincinnati house (with garden) was beautifully photographed and affordable to the East Coast. became.

Were you excited or hesitant to come back? A little of both?

It’s exciting. It may have been a bit disappointing that the kids didn’t grow up in New York, but I got over it. We have regained them many times over the years for the show. They love Staten Island Ferry and pizza.

How has Cincinnati changed since you first left?

I left Anderson Township in 1993 as an ignorant child and returned as an adult with different perspectives and ideas about what is important in life. So, in reality, everything here seems to have changed, only the location remains the same. And now there is a beer bar inside Hyde Park Kroger. why?

How is it the same as before?

Sport is still a really big issue here.

What are your favorite new discoveries after returning to Japan?

Cincinnati Park, Krohn Conservatory, Fortune Noodle House At Clifton Heights.

What is keeping you here now?

Inertia and Greaters.

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