My worst moment: Anthony Michael Hall about refusal as a child actor

In the original 1978 horror movie “Halloween,” Jamie Lee Curtis plays a teenage babysitter for a little boy named Tommy Doyle. In the latest incarnation of the franchise, “Halloween Kill,” Tommy Doyle has all grown up, again with Michael Myers down, played by Anthony Michael Hall.

“It’s really fun to be part of the franchise people expect,” Hall said. “The film begins with survivors having a group session at the bar, so it’s been directly threaded from 1978 to the present.”

The hall that passes by Mike has been acting since he was a child. He was a staple of movies written or directed by John Hughes in the 1980s, including “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” “16 Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Weird Science.”

Rebooting is widespread at this point, but Hughes’ most famous title hasn’t been revisited yet. “To be honest, I’m a little happy,” Hall said. “In honor of Mr. Hughes (who died in 2009). If he had restarted them himself and gave them his blessings, that would be one thing. But his work is very special. I think it should be left as it is. I think you know the time. “

When asked about the worst moments of his career, Hall recalled memories from the time before everything took off professionally for him.

My worst moment …

“There are some more filthy versions I could answer here, but there are also stories about the people I worked with, but I really don’t like to look down on people, so I Thought a story, and it’s actually a bit sweet.

“I auditioned for’Twilight'(starring Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda since 1981) and auditioned for a series of projects, and what made it unique was the director Mark Rydell at the audition stage. I think I worked with Rydell. He was really cool about it. There were multiple calls and I was a little kid like 8 or 9 at the time.

“And at the last callback, after the audition, I was sitting there with other kid actors in the waiting room, and Mark Rydell came out and gave me some news (role). Was to go to someone else), but his way was really special. He did it with the love of his father or grandfather. He was very candid and honest. It was as an adult from an early age. It’s like a parent talking to children. He said, “Unfortunately we’re going in another direction, but we wanted you to know that you did such a great job. I think I said something to the effect. Very kind and compassionate.

“It was unbelievable. At that moment I was upset. That is, I wanted it. I knew how great a child’s peanut would be to work with Fonda. (Jane Fonda also plays a small role in the film). But at the same time, I was very impressed with how he treated it in a very nice and compassionate way. I didn’t even work as a child actor. (Hall had one or two minor screen credits when he auditioned for the movie.)

“This was completely new to me. I grew up in New York City and was the son of a mother, but I remember thinking seriously about it. I left school and took a bus or train. Riding to these auditions, and I had the ethics of this craftsman from an early age. And that project, it was a pity that I couldn’t get it. Disappointed. But his treatment I thought it was cool too. It always stuck to me, I thought Leidel was an elegant and very nice person about it.

“It taught me respect for work and that it was a process. I had to hit the street and hit the pavement. From childhood, at the subconscious level, I I think he was making that connection. This was a job, and I took it seriously, and it was a kick-in for me.

“Looking back at my life, if it was a document of all the nasty auditions I’ve done, that means it would be pretty interesting to see. What I feel when it’s not working. You feel sick. You don’t care, they don’t care, or there are too many people in the room looking like you: Show me something (laughs) Only dozens of nasty auditions where you’re in a small room and all eight people sitting in folding chairs are pushed to one side of the room. You make thick skin. And I learned The thing is to go directly into the scene. It was the easiest way to get around it, but I’ve literally been auditioned for decades. “

The hall landed on “National Lampoon’s Vacation” two years after “On Golden Pond” was released. Did the last two years feel like a long time?

“Like career stress? No, that’s a great question. I can’t remember. Hopefully I just reflexively returned to my child. I think it became serious for me because of Hughes. It was after I made the movie. It was like: Wow, I have a career. I have to work with this and treat it with respect. It’s not fun, but I wanted to do it until I became a grandfather, so I take it seriously and want to build a long career.

Anthony Michael Hall plays Michael Myers in the latest incarnation of the franchise, “Halloween Kill.”

My worst moment: Anthony Michael Hall about refusal as a child actor

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