Naomi Judd becomes Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

“Her family has asked to stay in the Judds Hall of Fame on Sunday,” said Hall’s CEO. “We do so with all our heart.”

Nashville, Tennessee — Next Day Her death at the age of 76Country star Naomi Judd is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

“I am shocked and saddened by the death of Naomi Judd, who will enter the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum as a member of (The Judds) tomorrow,” said CEO Kyle Young. Said on twitter.. “Her family has asked us to stay in the Judd’s Hall of Fame on Sunday. We will do so with all our heart.”

The arrival of the public red carpet for the medallion ceremony on Sunday night was canceled in honor of Judd’s death. Anyway, the fans gathered outside the museum and were attracted to the bouquet of white flowers outside the entrance and the small framed photo of Naomi Judd below. A rose was placed on the ground.

hole Told billboard Winona, the daughter of Judd, the other half of the Grammy-winning duo, was scheduled to attend the ceremony. Their careers have spanned decades together.

Judz has just announced an arena tour starting in the fall, the first tour in more than 10 years.They also when they return to the award show Performed at the CMT Music Awards earlier this month..

Judd’s The daughters announced her death on Saturday,departure Wave of mourning From fellow stars and fans.

“Today, our sisters have experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to a mental illness,” read the daughters’ statement. We know she was loved by the masses because we have overcome her deep sorrow and we loved her. We are in an unknown territory. The statement did not elaborate further.

Naomi Judd died near Nashville, Tennessee, and issued a statement on behalf of her husband and fellow singer Larry Strickland. While her family was sad, no further details about her death were published and she did not state that she was required to have privacy.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Naomi Judd becomes Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

Source link Naomi Judd becomes Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

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