NASA Plum Brook Station becomes Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility

The re-dedication takes place a week after the 91st birthday of the first person to walk on the moon.

Sandusky, Ohio — As you may not know, NASA has a research facility in northwestern Ohio for decades.

However, NASA’s Plum Brook Station, located between Sandusky and Milan, may have been seen on television and in movies as a popular set for the following franchises: Marvel movie world..

Famous as a film location, it is now officially given a new name in honor of one of Ohio’s greatest citizens.

“Neil is a big supporter of the space program, especially moving Artemis off the ground, and I wish he could be here and see it,” said Rob Rob, R-Ohio. Senator Portman said.

The Plumbrook Station at the John H. Glen Research Center was re-dedicated on Wednesday, August 11, with its new name. Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility..

During the dedication ceremony, former astronaut and current NASA administrator Bill Nelson mentioned how appropriate the dedication was when Armstrong began his career as a test pilot.

“Honoring him today renews our commitment to staying curious, pioneering, and exploring more than any human being,” Nelson said.

After NASA and all elected officials spoke on the podium, a monument was announced and the facility was officially dedicated in honor of Neil Armstrong.

Portman said he brought the idea of ​​renaming to Armstrong almost 10 years ago, but declined.

After his death, Portman believes that showing humility is yet another source of inspiration for the great Americans of the next generation.

“I hope the people who come here and those who work here understand that his achievements were unmatched,” Portman said. “He will appear in history books for that, but it is his character, his elegance and humility, his patriotism.”

“Neil’s’One Great Leap for Mankind’was taken by one giant. He is forever enshrined in history as the first to set foot in another celestial body. The heritage continues to grow, “Nelson said.

This facility Artemis programIt aims to bring astronauts back to the Moon and is expected to play a role in the final mission to Mars.

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NASA Plum Brook Station becomes Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility

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