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NBA season 2021-2022 is expected to start on time, says Adam Silver

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver warned that the league’s plans depended on the ongoing progress of the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

Atlanta β€” The NBA expects the arena to fill up again next season and return to its regular calendar, Adam Silver said Saturday.

According to Silver, the league has no plans to travel abroad for exhibitions or regular season matches next season. This means that recent pre-season trips to foreign markets such as China, Japan and India will not be repeated until 2022 at the earliest.

But otherwise, the situation may return to near normal. The NBA aims to return to a schedule of 82 games starting in October and ending in June.

“At this point, we’re pretty optimistic that we can start on time,” Silver said at an annual press conference prior to the All-Star game. “Currently, about half of our team has fans in the arena. If the vaccine continues at its current pace and remains as effective as it is against the virus and its variants, we are relatively Full arena next season. “

The league canceled 171 games last season due to a pandemic. This is one of the reasons why earnings forecasts were overlooked by about $ 1.5 billion. This season, at least 150 games below the normal total will definitely result in more significant financial losses.

All teams will play 72 games instead of the usual 82 games, only about half of the league will accept fans, and the team that opens the door will play only a small percentage of their normal capacity.

“Last season and this season required a lot of investment on the part of the team owners. They accept it. Players reduce their salaries this season because they are partners in the league and profitable teams. .. All league executives, team executives have significantly reduced their salaries, but when we all retreat, we are all very lucky to be able to work in this situation. I feel that. I think the players feel the same way. “

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Silver’s press conference was virtualized for the first time this season and took place on a zoom, like all other league businesses of the year, due to pandemic and league health and safety protocols. Following news that Rudy Gobert, Utah, tested positive for COVID-19 at the All-Star Weekend in Chicago a year ago, about a month before the NBA’s decision on March 11, 2020. Silver warned when the season was paused. A “health crisis, if not global,” is imminent for viruses.

What Silver said may not have sounded many alarms at the time. In less than a month, the virus began to dominate every aspect of life around the world and has continued since then.

β€œOne of the things we all understood last year was that the virus was well infected,” says Silver.

NBA season 2021-2022 is expected to start on time, says Adam Silver

Source link NBA season 2021-2022 is expected to start on time, says Adam Silver

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