Nearly $ 3 Million for Treatment of Cleveland Youth Trauma

Cleveland — The Cleveland City Council has announced that it will spend $ 2.7 million on trauma treatment through counseling programs at 22 recreation centers in the city.

“Most of our community is actually working on an adversity childhood experience. Many of our communities are working on toxic stress and we are traumatized at the REC Center. We want to provide a care model, “said Brain Griffin, 6th Ward Councilor. “We want to go one step further. We want to provide the resources and availability of social workers and psychologists. We prevent violence and many others that afflict the community. We want to make sure we provide services that really help us address the root cause of our affairs. “

The law aims to provide resources to teens and their families by hiring specialists to treat intergenerational trauma and toxic stress at centers frequently visited by teens and young adults in the Cleveland region. is.

“The lazy mind is the devil’s playground. All of that disgusting frustration that some of these young people had, and the impulsivity of these interpersonal feuds you might have caused on social media. Add it to, “Griffin said. “School structure. They were not in the structure of their church. They are not in the structure of community centers or recreation centers.”

Yvonka Hall of the Black Health Coalition has some concerns about the newly approved project.

“It means having counselors and therapists who look like them in the setting of their community, taking into account their past trauma, especially violence, and treating the whole person,” Hall said. Told. “Ensuring confidentiality so that people don’t feel at risk. Confidentiality is important, especially when talking about mental health. If this is mental health, confidentiality is important. You are a recreation center counseling office. What would you guess if you went to? Everyone else in the recreation center knows you just entered that counseling office. “

Hall said the end of the federal-funded midnight basketball program was a huge loss to the Cleveland region.

“The time from midnight to 5 am is probably the deadliest time in urban areas of the United States. Non-traditional times may be visible. We begin to have violent problems. It’s time to go, “said Hall. “Recreation centers should not be between 9:00 and 5:00. They should not have a business model. Get it back and in the meantime actually provide these wraparound services and trauma-based care. If received, it could be a game changer for us. “

Griffin said the city cannot rely solely on federal grants to bring about change.

“Midnight basketball was a huge success, helped a lot of people, and was played at the peak of a lot of violence. When money comes and money runs out, the program often comes from the depleted federal level. Like a program, “Griffin said. About grants that may have a life cycle of 3 to 5 years. “

Griffin said the resource will be implemented in the community’s recreation center in the coming weeks, but he is calling for lawmakers to join.

“Within the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing young people coming back and doing what they’re doing. I put the hoops back on the court. Little by little, I set up a baseball stadium. “I’m back,” Griffin said. “Urban communities are constantly suffering from a violent epidemic until we really get our backs back to the state and federal governments.”

Nearly $ 3 Million for Treatment of Cleveland Youth Trauma

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