Neighbors in Central Toledo want to do more about eye sore

Evan Morrison, a spokesman for the area’s inhabitants, states that his neighbors are united and want the solution to be implemented.

Toledo, Ohio-Neighborhoods in the heart of Toledo are planning their next move after months of seeking help in dealing with what they call annoying properties.

Accommodation is 350W between Ashland Avenue and Collingwood Boulevard. Located on Woodruff Avenue.

Evan Morrison, a spokesman for people living nearby, says the owner had enough time to make changes. However, they are aware that not much has been done since they first contacted WTOL 11 in September, and neighbors still want improvement.

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“I demand action. They demand that it be cleaned,” Morrison said. “It’s been getting worse for years, and now is the time. There were some incidents here that scared people, and we want to see this recover. And no longer ours. You won’t be dragged under your neighborhood. “

According to records from the Lucas County Auditors Office, the property is owned by an organization called Cathedral Ministries.

We had to call and leave a message outside business hours, but the ministry spoke to us in October.

A spokeswoman sent a written response that the property will be safe and clean within 10 days.

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The crew has come out, but his father, Morrison, who lives in the neighborhood, says that’s not enough.

“The only thing we can hope for before the weather really changes is that this is secured in some way and that the building boarded in a safe way,” he said. “And we want to rehabilitate this or sell it to someone who cares about its condition.”

Or they want to demolish it. But before that happens, the group plans to convey the message directly to the owner.

“Reverend Scott should know that more action is coming,” Morrison said. “Neighbors are united and want to see this solution implemented. To get this problem removed from the neighbors. And he has more of his name in the press. You should expect. “

And let them know that they no longer want to be ignored, and that their complaints will be heard.

Meanwhile, Morrison also says he has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service seeking an investigation into the previous tax exemption for vacant buildings.

Neighbors in Central Toledo want to do more about eye sore

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