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Netanyahu Opponent Race Deadline for Unified Government | World News

Jerusalem (AP) — Opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu competed for a clock to finalize a coalition government that would end its 12-year administration before the midnight deadline on Wednesday.

Centrist Yair Lapid and transnationalist Naftali Bennett have joined forces to agree that Bennett will be the first to change prime ministerial positions. However, they were still trying to unite a ruling coalition that included parties from different political spectra.

Israeli media reported that there were some persistent disagreements over lower-level political appointments.

Bennett’s deputy, Ayelet Shaked, reportedly demanded a seat on the committee to select national judges.

However, Israeli hard-line right-wing celebrity Sheikh has expressed concern about joining forces with members of the emerging coalition doves.

Both Shaked and Bennett are under strong pressure from Netanyahu and the country’s right-wing bases not to join his enemies. The Knesset, or Congress, recently assigned additional guards to both due to threats of murder and incitement online.

There were no signs of progress yet, just six hours before the midnight deadline (2100 GMT; 5 pm EDT) on Wednesday evening.

Rapid must notify Israel’s predominantly ceremonial president, Reuven Rivlin, by midnight that he has formed a majority coalition of at least 61 seats in the Knesset. Is given a week’s grace to vote for confidence.

If Rapid misses the deadline, the country will almost certainly have a fifth election in just over two years, giving Netanyahu yet another chance to maintain his position in a corruption trial. You will get it.

Netanyahu’s Likud won the most seats in the March 23 elections, but was unable to form a majority with traditional religious and nationalist allies.

Importantly, the far-right party, which has an alliance with Netanyahu, refused to cooperate with the small Arab Party, which emerged as one of the champions of the competition.

Netanyahu wanted to extend his long rule and fight allegations of corruption from the Prime Minister’s Office. He has emerged as a highly polarized force in recent years, with a series of inconclusive elections prolonging Israel’s political instability.

An emergency government formed last year between Netanyahu and former military secretary Benny Gantz to fight the coronavirus pandemic quickly became involved in political controversy and collapsed in December. Maintains its position.

In the midst of a political impasse, Congress elected Isaac Herzog, a veteran politician and the youngest member of Israel’s famous family, as the country’s president-elect on Wednesday.

The presidency is mostly a ceremonial role intended to act as a moral compass for the nation and promote unity.

“I’m going to be the president of everyone,” said Herzog, whose late father held the same position, after the votes were counted. “We must uphold Israel’s international status and its good reputation in the nation’s family, fight anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel, and defend our pillars of democracy.”

Herzog, 60, is a former leader of the Israeli Labor Party and an opposition leader who opposed Netanyahu in the 2015 parliamentary elections but failed.

He is from the famous Zionist family. His father, Heim Herzog, was the United Nations Ambassador to Israel before being elected president. His uncle, Abba Eban, was Israel’s first Foreign Minister and ambassador to the United Nations and the United States. His grandfather was the country’s first chief rabbi.

He defeated challenger Miriam Perez by 87-26. Perez, 67, is a prominent educator and instructor famous for losing his two sons in battle during military service. In 2018, she received the Israel Prize, Israel’s highest award, for her lifelong achievements.

Herzog is scheduled to take office next month and may play a role in Israeli politics in the future.

The president’s responsibilities include choosing the leader of the parliament, which he considers most likely to form a coalition after each election. If the country is forced to vote differently, Herzog can help determine who will be prime minister.

The president also has the power to pardon, and if Netanyahu, who is being tried on multiple corruption charges, is ultimately convicted, Herzog could become a key figure.

Netanyahu Opponent Race Deadline for Unified Government | World News

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