New Election Funding Report shows who’s money favors Mayor of Cleveland

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  • Basheer Jones will speak at the Mayor’s Forum in Jefferson Park (7/8/21).

Cleveland Councilor Bashir Jones raised nearly $ 400,000 in early 2021 to become Mayor of Cleveland, while lawyer Ross Divero raised just $ 5,600. City Council President Kevin Kelly spends more than any of his six opponents and is at hand. Considered by many to be the front runner of the race, Dennis Kucinich spends less than anyone but Divero.

Mayor of Cleveland’s seven candidates submitted a semi-annual election funding report to the Kaiyahoga County Election Commission on Friday. They remain unaudited, but convey a lot of information about the candidates and their campaign.

Kelly continues to be the wealthiest combatant in the race — he has over $ 500,000 in hand — but raised less than both Bashir Jones and Justin Bib during the reporting period. Jones raised $ 363,000 and Bib raised $ 242,000, compared to Kelly’s $ 213,00.

The rest of the fields were far behind these top three.Zack Reed, Tony and Bobby George, Jason Lucarelli, and Perkins and Cifani families of Perk ConstructionRaised $ 137,000. Sandra Williams has raised $ 96,000. Dennis Kucinich has raised just $ 38,000.

Kelly remains a favored candidate among the Cleveland ruling class. Albert and Audrey Ratner, like Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam, each donated $ 5,000 to Kelly. Indian Paul Dolan has chipped $ 500 for a fair amount. Dan Gilbert, Len Komoroski, and other Cavaliers executives have donated to Kelly in the past. The median Kelly donation was the highest of all candidates, with 18 individual donations at $ 5,000. The largest single donation, up to $ 7,500 to the Political Action Committee, came from the Cleveland Firefighters Association.Dan and Donna Brady, a former local government couple, thank Kelly for orchestration Recent Martin Sweeney County Council Operations, Each gave Kelly $ 2,500 from their respective political action committees.

If Kelly secured a large donation from the local elite, Bashir Jones did the same with out-of-state contributors. Jones actually surpassed Kelly in the largest number of personal donations, with 20 supporters donating $ 5,000.Tony, Christine, Bobby George, Jason and Samul Carelli join the immigration developers Lemma Getachew and Guernet Indale As Jones’ largest local contributor. But the rest came from far away. Lana Maras in Laguna Beach, California. Ihsan Saleem and Tathiana Tanzey in Atlanta. Coffey Rashid, Decatur, Georgia. Omar Karim and Mohammad Kohar in Washington, DC. Muhammad Jami, Maryland, Job Rashdan, Ibrahim Eraya, Troy Carson — all donated the largest amount. Jones also received numerous donations between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 from out-of-state contributors. This helps explain his large-scale transport.

Unlike Kelly and Jones, where $ 500 and $ 1,000 donations were standard, Justin Bib was lower and distorted, with broader regional supporters offering $ 25, $ 50, and $ 100. Many people donated at that level every month. Bib received up to $ 5,000 in seven personal donations. Fred Bidwell, a philanthropist and art collector who now calls Hingetown his hometown. Jim and Susan Clifton in McLean, Virginia. Adelbert Marous of Marous Brothers Construction; Scott Mueller of Dealer Tires; Michael Crystal and Charles Cosgrove of Shaker Heights. Bib also deducted donations from DiGeronimo Construction’s DiGeronimos and BoKnez, a ubiquitous home developer west of Cleveland, who also donated to Kevin Kelley.

Sandra Williams received many small donations, but most of her funding arrived in favor of the trade union and the Columbus-based political action committee. Williams enjoys widespread support from colleagues in the Ohio Statehouse, and her report reflects that. Friends of Armond Budish and Medical Mutual PAC each donated $ 5,000. This is the best donation for Williams. Nina Turner gave Williams $ 1,000 in a personal donation. FirstEnergy is not listed in Williams filings, but Duke Energy Corporation has donated $ 500 via PAC.

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New Election Funding Report shows who’s money favors Mayor of Cleveland

Source link New Election Funding Report shows who’s money favors Mayor of Cleveland

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