New mobile library starts moving

The new Greene County Public Library mobile library was dedicated on Saturday, August 14th at a community event outside the Fairborn Community Library. The new mobile library features mural designs created by villagers Liz Storter Robinson and Wakka Siccone. (Photo by Orion Lite)

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On Saturday, August 14, book lovers from all over the county gathered at the Fairborn Community Library to dedicate a new mobile library, the latest asset to the Greene County Public Library System. During the afternoon, more than 200 people came out to explore the mobile library. The mobile library delivers books of all subjects to thousands of children in Green County each month.

The devoted event was the culmination of many years of hard work. Replacing the beloved old model that has contributed to the community for 20 years, the new mobile library was up and running for nearly a month at the time of its dedication.

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The dedication event was officially launched to honor the mobile library, including ribbon cuts, food trucks, and numerous activities for children. Throughout the event, the kids made buttons, assembled a 3D paper model of a mobile library, and made a colored mask for the library mascot Booker T. Fox.

“Our goal has always been to have fun spreading literacy,” said Stacy Westfall, a mobile library driver and manager.

Thanks to the visual design created by Yellow Springs art director and designer Liz Storter Robertson and illustrator Wakka Siccone, young readers will have no trouble finding a new mobile library. While taking a walk on the big bus, the youngest patrons of the library can see a dreamy vignette in a series of surrealism. Here, the princess on a dragon hands soccer to a robot receiver. There, mummies and zombies jump off a hot rod from a pile of books.

According to Evan Scott of the Greene County Public Library Communications Coordinator, mobile libraries and, for that matter, the entire library system are all imaginative.

“The real epiphany was that there really wasn’t a way to express your imagination. It’s too broad,” Scott said.

Instead of expressing his imagination, Scott said the creative team realized that the mobile library itself should be imaginative. The mural outside the car is a cross-section of the subject that library staff observed that young readers were most often interested. This artwork is intended to encourage children to pick up a book by reminding them of the type of adventure hidden on the page.

Kim Boutz, library youth service coordinator and mobile library supervisor, said the design company that provided the mobile library graphic wrap has never seen such a thing.

“If you look at it on paper, that’s one thing, but if you look at it directly, it looks like“ Wow! ”,” Says Bouts.

Applied Graphics Ltd. Jans Pasma, lead designer of the company, said:

In addition to its creative new look, the mobile library also features many accessibility and safety features, including wheelchair lifts, wider stairs, and non-slip floors. Westfall said he hopes that these improvements will allow more children to experience the benefits of reading.

“We are reaching out to many children who may or may not be able to go to the library on their own,” said Westfall. “The goal is to get the book into the hands of the children.”

The walls inside the mobile library are lined with stories of all kinds. This is a true mobile library. The dashboard of a mobile library is reminiscent of the cockpit of an airliner with an intercom system.

Library mobile libraries have historically served 4,000 to 5,000 children in an average of one month. In addition to bringing books to schools, day care and summer camps, Karl Colón, executive director of the Greene County Public Library, said the mobile library represents a connection between the Greene County community.

“The library doesn’t belong to the place — they belong to the community,” he said. “And few reveal it as clearly as a mobile library. A mobile library is a real physical library where you can find you wherever you are.”

Library leaders also want to expand the role of mascot Booker T. Fox in communication and media. Originally represented solely in mascot costumes, the portrait of Booker T. Fox is now decorating mobile libraries in several places.

According to Colon, the Green County Public Library is looking forward to the long-standing service of the new mobile library.

“We want a bus where our community can see ourselves,” he said. “On the new bus, we have the opportunity to try to understand what we should talk about.”

* Wright is a News freelance writer who graduated from Ohio Wessrian University in 2019 and is now overseeing Studio Passerine. He lives in the village orionwright96@gmail.com..

New mobile library starts moving

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