NFL Week 2 Story: Injuries rattle the league.Lamar surpassed Mahomes

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has decided to let Lamar Jackson choose it in the fourth down of the game clinch play. It was a cherry blossom that stood at the top of the second week full of turmoil.

Baltimore — This year’s second NFL Sunday offered a lot of entertaining football that ended with a sensational Sunday Night Football thriller between Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs.

Lamar Jackson finally defeated Patrick Mahomes with a 36-35 comeback. Elsewhere, there was an exit where an injured bug bite many NFL teams on Sunday and got a lot of attention. And there are seven undefeated teams left for two weeks.

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Lamar Jackson and Ravens defeat Chiefs with thrillers

The NFL did its best to the end with the Sunday Night Football Chiefs Ravens. The Chiefs were two scores behind in the fourth quarter, but this time they weren’t friends with Kansas City.

Ravens took the lead with about three minutes remaining, but the Chiefs went just below the field towards the field goal range. But that’s when Clyde Edwards-Heller messed with the ball and Ravens recovered.

With one minute left, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh asked if he wanted to go to the quarterback, but they turned to the first down and clinched the game. Patrick Mahomes’ career as a starter was his first defeat in September.

NFL shook in second week injury

Many stars, including some quarterbacks, were injured during the second week’s game, leading to questions about next week.

The following was a notable injury on Sunday:

  • TJ Watt, Steelers: He left the match due to an inguinal injury but didn’t come back.
  • Tyrod Taylor, Texans: Hamstring injured left the match and was excluded in the third week. Davis Mills replaced Taylor in QB.
  • Carson Wentz, Colts: Ankle injury left the game in the fourth quarter but didn’t come back. Jacob Eason replaced Wentz in QB.
  • Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphin: In the first quarter, he left the match due to a rib injury and did not return. Jacoby Brissset replaced Tua in QB.
  • Bradley Chubb, Broncos: I left the match due to an ankle injury and didn’t come back.
  • Brandon Graham, Eagles: Torn ACL and set out for the season.
  • Jarvis Laundry, Browns: I left the match due to a knee injury but didn’t come back.
  • Andy Dalton, Bears: Dalton suffered a knee injury and never returned. Justin Fields replaced Dalton in QB.
  • Darrell Henderson, Rams: I left the game with a rib injury but didn’t come back.

Jets rookie Zach Wilson throws four INTs against the Patriots, fans say they should boo

The second overall Picksack Wilson got off to a rough start in his NFL career. Jets went 0-2 this year after losing to the Patriots 25-6.

In the process, Wilson threw four intercepts and Jets fans started a new quarterback.

“I’m not paying attention to it, but they should be booing, right?” Wilson said after the match.

Fellow rookie QB Mac Jones helped lead the Patriots to victory.

7 2-0 teams

Throughout the two weeks, seven teams remain undefeated. This includes the Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Bacchus, and Las Vegas Raiders.

Probably the most impressive is the Raiders. The Raiders came from behind on Monday night of the first week to defeat Ravens and the Steelers on the streets on Sunday.

The Carolina Panthers are an amazing 2-0 team after defeating New Orleans Saints on Sunday and keeping New Orleans to just 7 points.

NFL Week 2 Story: Injuries rattle the league.Lamar surpassed Mahomes

Source link NFL Week 2 Story: Injuries rattle the league.Lamar surpassed Mahomes

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