NFL Week 6 Score Prediction

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Denver — It’s the first week of bye-bye in the NFL, so there are fewer games than usual, but there are some good games. Week 6 features Chargers-Ravens, Packers-Bears, Chiefs-WFT, Cardinals-Browns, Bills-Titans and more.

At this year’s lock-on, Ross Jackson, the host of Locked On Saints And I (Rock on National Content Producer) Cameron La Fontaine) Predict the results of all weekly NFL games.

I’m not going to go any further than myself, but Ross and I have chosen pretty well throughout the five weeks. Last week Ross had his first negative week against this season’s spread, but barely reached 7-8-1. Even his bad week isn’t too bad, people. I had the best week I’ve ever had against a 10-5-1 spread. I am confidently cruising for the 6th week.

  • Straight: Ross 12-4, Cameron 12-4
  • For spread: Ross 7-8-1, Cameron 10-5-1

Choose a record so far this season:

  • Straight: Ross 52-28, Cameron 52-28
  • Against spread: Loss 46-33-1 (58%), Cameron 44-35-1 (56%)

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NFL Week 6 Score Prediction

* List of spreads, over / under by LockedOn partner BetOnline.

Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Time: Thursday, 8:20 pm (always eastern)
Watch: NFL Network
Spread: TB -7.5, O / U 52.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will continue to deal with serious injuries, especially at the defensive end. The Eagles won a big comeback against the Panthers last week, but can their defense contain Brady and the powerful Bucks attack?

Ross Jackson: Buccaneers 35, Eagles 16
Cameron La Fontaine: Buccaneers 34, Eagles 27

Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (London)

Hours: Sunday, 9:30 am
Viewing: CBS
Spread: MIA -3.5, O / U 47

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t won, and the Miami Dolphins have lost four straight games since defeating the Patriots in the first week. Neither team is in a good place. Both are looking for fresh air in London.

Ross Jackson: Dolphin 17, Jaguar 14
Cameron La Fontaine: Dolphin 27, Jaguar 24

Houston Texans in Indianapolis Colts

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
Viewing: CBS
Spread: IND -10, O / U 43.5

Colts gave an absolute 1 in Baltimore on Monday night and abandoned the 19-point lead in the fourth quarter to move to 1-4. One to four Texans visited India Napolis and almost beat the Patriots.

Ross Jackson: Colts 28, Texans 17
Cameron La Fontaine: Colts 26, Texans 19

Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
See: FOX
Spread: CHI -4, O / U 44

The Bears quietly 3-2, winning an upset victory in Las Vegas last week. Will they get a hangover on Sunday’s match against Green Bay, or will they continue to do so? Speaking of rolling, we collaborate with Aaron Rodgers. He has won the fastball and knows how much he likes to play in Chicago.

Ross Jackson: Packers 27, Bears 24
Cameron La Fontaine: Packers 25, Bears 16

Washington Football Team Kansas City Chiefs

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
Viewing: CBS
Spread: KC -6.5, O / U 55.5

Kansas City Chiefs are less than .500 for up to 5 weeks, which is unexpected. They were dominated at home against Bills, and now they have to go out. They take on the Washington Football Team, which wasn’t defensively close to expectations. This may be a shootout.

Ross Jackson: Chiefs 34, WFT 30
Cameron La Fontaine: Chiefs 40, WFT 32

Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
See: FOX
Spread: MIN -1, O / U 45

Minnesota Vikings escaped the disaster at home on Sunday and defeated the Lions. They head to Charlotte and take on the Panther who has returned to defeat the Eagles. Christian McCaffrey is still suspicious. The Panthers are trying to avoid the loss of the third straight.

Ross Jackson: Viking 21, Panthers 18
Cameron La Fontaine: Viking 24, Panthers 20

Los Angeles Chargers in Baltimore Ravens

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
Viewing: CBS
Spread: BAL -3, O / U 51.5

The Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens are two teams that are currently on the rise. Both teams were 4-1 and both teams have played on a fairly difficult schedule so far, but they faced off in a major match at the comeback last week. This is definitely this week’s game.

Los Angeles: Ravens 35, Chargers 31
Cameron La Fontaine: Chargers 27, Ravens 24

Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
See: FOX
Spread: CIN -3.5, O / U 47.5

The Detroit Lions lost some heartbreakers at the beginning of the year, 0-5. Bengals also lost a heartbreaker at home against Packers last week. Which team will shrink on Sunday? This will be an interesting game.

Ross Jackson: Bengals 24, Lions 13
Cameron La Fontaine: Lions 26, Bengals 23

New York Giants Los Angeles Rams

Hours: Sunday, 1:00 pm
See: FOX
Spread: LAR -9.5, O / U 48.5

The New York Giants are dealing with a serious injury heading to a Sunday home match with the Rams. Is this a Matthew Stafford cakewalk in LA or a trap game?

Ross Jackson: Rams 34, Giants 20
Cameron La Fontaine: Rams 29, Giants 17

Arizona Cardinals in Cleveland Browns

Time: Sunday, 4:05 pm
See: FOX
Spread: CLE -3, O / U 49

The Browns returned home to play against the undefeated Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, surrendering two late touchdown leads to the Los Angeles Chargers. Cardinals are the last team without loss, can they reach 6-0? They are addressing the potential issue of Chandler Jones being infected with COVID-19 and Kyler Murray being included in this week’s injury report.

Ross Jackson: Cardinals 28, Browns 24
Cameron La Fontaine: Browns 33, Cardinals 27

Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders

Hours: Sunday, 4:25 pm
Viewing: CBS

Spread: DEN -3.5, O / U 44.5

The Raiders are dealing with a fallout from John Gruden’s sudden resignation for a leaked email. Can they put it together and play sectoral matches on the road? Meanwhile, Denver is trying to avoid the loss of the third straight.

Ross Jackson: Broncos 21, Raiders 14
Cameron La Fontaine: Broncos 23, Raiders 17

Dallas Cowboys in New England Patriots

Hours: Sunday, 4:25 pm
Viewing: CBS

Spread: DAL -3.5, O / U 50.5

This is another problem that is difficult to predict. Cowboys are 4-1 and are they like cakewalks now? The Patriots played Bucks really hard and won most of the time, but they weren’t too proud. Anyway, a big game at home in New England. It would be interesting to see how Dallas handles this.

Ross Jackson: Cowboys 30, Patriots 20
Cameron La Fontaine: Cowboys 26, Patriots 23

Seattle Seahawks in Pittsburgh Steelers

Time: Sunday, 8:20 pm
Viewing: NBC

Spread: PIT -4.5, O / U 42

Seattle Seahawks followed the road to the East Coast without Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson lost to Rams last week due to a finger injury. Geno Smith was impressed with the game for a while until he threw an intercept that almost ended the game. The Steelers have won a big victory at home against Denver, who lost Juju Smith-Schuster. Can they maintain their momentum?

Ross Jackson: Steelers 27, Seahawks 23
Cameron La Fontaine: Steelers 24, Seahawks 16

Buffalo Bills in Tennessee Titans

Time: Monday, 8:15 pm
Watch: ESPN

Spread: BUF -6, O / U 54

Buffalo Bills is riding high after dominating Sunday night’s performance in Kansas City. They try to continue attacking the weak Titans defense. Can Titans offenses run with Buffalo?

Ross Jackson: Bills 31, Titans 24
Cameron La Fontaine: Titans 34, Bills 31

NFL Week 6 Score Prediction

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