Nightbirde provides up-to-date information on cancer fights

Nightbird, which caught the public’s attention with the performance of “America’s Got Talent,” revealed the results of a recent scan on Tuesday.

Zanesville, Ohio — Nightbird, a Zanesville woman who gained public attention for her “America’s Got Talent” while fighting cancer, provided updates on her health this week.

The singer whose real name is Jane Marchevsky CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday about the results of recent scans.

“I wish I could do a faster miracle, but it’s happening slowly,” Nightbird said. “I’m a little better. The scan results were returned, the bunch of things that were there disappeared, and the size of the bunch of big things got smaller, so we’re on the road.”

The 30-year-old singer said she often goes through the highest and lowest points that are happening at the same time in front of millions of people, and she is honored to do so.

“There’s a lot to carry, but it’s also a great honor because the whole world has its own weight, and we were able to learn how to do this together,” Nightbird said. ..

Nightbird became a popular name when it was obtained from the Golden Buzzer. Simon Cowell from “America’s Got Talent” Earlier this year. In August, she said she had to leave the competition saying her health had “deteriorated.”

The singer is writing a song and says her song is coming.

“I’m really proud of what I’m working on. I have a voice. Today (Tuesday) I actually sang a lot. I’m very happy to be able to sing even if I’m not 100%. .. I just couldn’t stop smiling. “

Nightbirde added that she is grateful to be with her family at Thanksgiving, given that she is very unlikely to survive cancer.

“It’s a great honor and gift to get around the table with loved ones every year. Based on normal statistics, you shouldn’t live now,” says Nigthbirde.

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Nightbirde provides up-to-date information on cancer fights

Source link Nightbirde provides up-to-date information on cancer fights

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