No.2 Backeyes falls to No.5 Wolverine 42-27

The Ohio State University turned the game into a game with eight consecutive victories and 15 out of 16 rivals.

Ann Arbor, Michigan — Hassan Haskins records five touchdowns, Aidan Hutchinson wins three sack, Michigan fifth place defeats Ohio Second State 42-27 on Saturday, Jim Harbaugh He won his first victory as a coach against Buckeyes.

Wolverines will win the Big Ten East and play in the conference title game next week with the hope of a playoff.

Michigan (11-1, 8-1 Big Ten) entered the conference championship for the first time. Wolverines has the chance to win the Big Ten title for the first time since 2004 and the national championship for the first time since 1997.

Minutes after the game, long-suffering fans filled the lawn of the Big House, celebrating a rare victory in the prestigious series. They didn’t rush away as the music rang.

The Ohio State University turned the game into a game with eight consecutive victories and 15 out of 16 rivals.

The Birth of the Eyes (10-2, 8-1) blew away the chance to stay in control with a penalty of 10 before the snap and simply unable to stop Michigan’s running game.

Harbaugh was clearly ready for his team to defeat The Birth of The Birth.

Harbaugh changed the shape of his coaching staff and renamed his high-running period to “Beat Ohio” after a significant wage cut in the New Deal last winter, partly due to his lack of success with The Birth of The Birth. .. Focuses on rivalry.

With 28 carries, Haskins recorded a 169-yard rush, a go-a-head touchdown in the second half of the second half, and another four yards after half-time to fill Michigan’s lead. The Break Column ran six times at 87 yards from two or more misses, helping Wolverines win a total of 297 yards against rivals who have pushed most of the century away.

Harbaugh also seems to have overtaken Ryan Day, who hasn’t lost the Big Ten game, and sprinkled some surprise play, including a slot-around that limits 10 plays where AJ Henning starts the game on a 14-yard run. rice field. 75 yards drive.

And in the end, The Birth seemed to have plenty of room when he didn’t fight much in the Haskins 4-yard run with 2:17 remaining, which gave Michigan a 15-point lead.

The Ohio State University’s powerful attack seemed to rattle against Michigan’s new-looking defense, with first-year coordinator Mike McDonald doing all the right moves. Hutchinson, who set a single-season school record on 13 sack, was in the backfield all day long.

CJ Stroud was 34 with 394 to 49 in two touchdowns, including a 25-yard pass to Garrett Wilson, who gave The Birth a 10-7 lead at the beginning of the second quarter. The Birth of the Last Possession turned it down down and was unable to protect Stroud. He was fired four times, doubling the total of other games this season.

The Ohio State University’s powerful attack hit big numbers from the air and solid numbers on the ground, but it wasn’t on the scoreboards that were most important.

Ohio State University: Backeyes has won the Big Ten Games 26 times in a row. This was a streak of 30 games in school from 2012 to 2015 in the history of Big Ten. They also won 21 games in a row, surpassing the ranked Big Ten teams.

Michigan: In his seventh season, Harbaugh finally got the victory he really needed. He probably beat those who suspected that the former Wolverines and NFL quarterbacks could realize the hype that followed him when the former San Francisco 49ers coach returned to his alma mater.

Michigan will jump over Ohio in the College Football Rankings and win the College Football Best Program by competing for national titles.

Ohio State University: Waiting for post-season fate, perhaps landing in the New Year’s 6-bowl game.

Michigan: We’ll be playing the West Division winner in Indianapolis next Saturday.

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No.2 Backeyes falls to No.5 Wolverine 42-27

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