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South Charleston, West Virginia — It wasn’t a surge in points witnessed by fans in the last North-South All-Star game. In fact, defense has proven to be a decisive factor.

Gerin Johnson scored seven rebounds with 27 points, North took the lead in the second half of 10 points, and then made three big defensive sprays in the last 30 seconds of Friday night at the South Charleston Community Center. Won 105-104 wins.

Charleston Catholic Aiden Satterfield leads the South with 25 points, 5 rebounds and 4 dunks, while Alex Joakum of George Washington donated 24 points, 20 of which came in the second half.

North got big games from Fairmont Senior Johnson, Robert C. Bird’s Bryson Lucas (16 points, 7 rebounds) and Bridgeport’s Jack Bifano (15 points, 7 rebounds), but South got a deficit After reducing, I had to rely on D 105-104 with two free throws by Yoakum with 31 seconds remaining.

North missed the two 1 and 1 front ends, but got a defensive stop before the clock expired and stole two. Befitting, the game ended with the North swiping the ball and the South shooting from inbound play from the half-court with 3.5 seconds remaining.

It was a kind of reversal, as the South chased 95-85 with about five and a half minutes left and then returned to the game with defense. Some of the 25 turnovers in the north resulted in the south regaining the lead with two stretches.

“I thought I would have a hard time for the last four minutes,” Johnson said. “Because they intended to play like a regular game in an All-Star game. We feel like we’ve defended really well in this game. It felt like a regular game to us.”

North set a point record in the latest game, winning 171-141 in 2019. The game on Friday didn’t get close to that height, but the lead changed 21 times and the pace remained much faster.

South’s final lead was 100-99 with two free throws by Yoakum with 2:26 remaining. Bifano retaliated with an inside basket and two foul shots, returning the north to 103-100 with 1:50 remaining. The southern part had only three turnovers in half-time, but finished in 14 times.

“We played it like a pick-up game,” Johnson said. “It was a lot of fun to compete with everyone.”

John Alto (Pendleton County) added 10 points and 5 rebounds to the north. This led the 50-38 board to the unobtrusive South team of low post players.

However, Satterfield hit Class A players everywhere by leading the South team’s goals. He also knocked down four 3 pointers to go with the 4 dunks.

“I work hard every day,” Satterfield said. “This is what you wake up early — pre-school training, after-school training. It’s a daunting task. It doesn’t happen overnight.

“I’m grateful to have had one of my last games in high school. I didn’t get the results I expected, but I did the best performance in the state.”

The other two players scored double digits in the South — Kaiden Pack (12 points) in Greenbrier West and Amare Smith (10 points) in Huntington. Smith led the south with a rebound of 7 and the pack was 6. Calebmei of Tag Valley got only 4 points, but gave out 6 assists.

In half-time, North led 54-51, 15 points behind Johnson and 8 points behind Lucas. Satterfield was 12 in the south and 8 in packs.

The pre-match skill contest was won by John Blankenship (free throw) in Lincoln County, Mojochisler (3 pointers) in Craibatel, and Satterfield (Slam Dunk).

The game’s sponsor, the West Virginia Athletic Directors Association, followed the game with two $ 500 scholarships to Southspack and Norths Ryan Nisler (University).

Miller 3 0-0 6, Lucas 5 2-3 16, Johnson 12 0-2 27, Bifano 6 2-2 15, Thompson 4 0-0 8, Kennedy 1 0-0 2, Niceler 3 0-0 6, Cremeans 1 0-0 2, McKinney 1 0-0 2, Gardiner 2 1-2 5, Alt 5 0-0 10, Chisler 2 0-0 6, total 45 5-9 105

Satterfield 9 3-5 25, Pinkett 2 0-0 5, May 2 0-0 4, Gabbert 3 0-0 7, Yoakum 7 9-10 24, Howell 2 0-0 4, Pack 5 1-2 12, Claytor 0 0-0 0, Suddeth 4 0-0 9, Kincaid 0 0-0 0, Blankenship 2 0-0 4, Smith 4 0-0 10, total 40 13-17 104

Halftime: North 54-51; 3 points Goal: North 10 (Lucas 4, Johnson 3, Chisler 2, Bifano), South 11 (Satterfield 4, Smith 2, Pinket, Gabert, Joakmu, Puck, Sades); Rebound: North 50 (Bifano 7, Johnson 7, Lucas 7), South 38 (Smith 7, Pack 6)

North End South 105-104 | Sports

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