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South Charleston, West Virginia-If the highlight of the game is broken play, it’s a sign that the team has suffered throughout the long day.

This was also the case when South lost 26-0 to the North at the North-South Soccer Classic on Saturday afternoon at South Charleston High School.

Spring Valley’s tight-end Zane Blancfield made a great catch from the chip pass in his third play on South’s second drive. Dyrangode’s throw in the Mingo Central Quarterback bounced back into the hands of Green Briar East, who was backed by Nate Baker, and Bramfield first stole it at the Cardinals’ 45-yard line.

“It was just there,” Brumfield said of the ball. “I caught it as if it had been thrown at me.”

However, as the Cardinals scored a total of 174 yards, that drive and the other nine drives were stalled. That is, 88 rushed in 34 trials and 86 passed 11 receptions. The 19-yard reception by Bramfield’s Catch and Colby Piner on Green Briar East was the biggest benefit of the day for the South, who collected just five plays over 10 yards.

North controlled the game from the beginning, winning a 43-yard scrambler by Bears’ most valuable player, Spring Mills quarterback Keon Padmore Johnson, in his fifth play. Padmore-Johnson performed 60 yards and two touchdowns with 12 carries and completed 6 out of 12 passes with 88 yards and one touchdown.

Padmore-Johnson scored again in North’s seventh play, scoring a 13-0 lead on the far left 10-yard skirting board. The TD was set up by 41 yards run by Kebon Warren in Martinsburg. Kebon Warren won 97 yards with 11 carries.

Warren scored a 14-yard run 2:33 before half-time, capping a 12-play, 80-yard drive to 19-0.

The Bears set the score when DJ Deviny of Doddridge County kicked an additional point following a 42-yard touchdown pass from Padmore Johnson to John Marshall’s Dalton Flowers. There are 9:35 left.

“The line was blocked really well and the receiver opened,” said Padmore Johnson. “It was a good feeling to play on the same team as some guys who are always on the opposite team. It was a lot of fun.”

Richwood’s South MVP Caleb Jantua said he also enjoyed the game, especially during the practice week. Jantuah completed 6 out of 15 passes at 42 yards and ran 11 times at 28 yards.

“I was a little nervous at first,” said Jantua. “As the week went on, I fostered friendship. The game was fun. We hit some plays but couldn’t get them into the end zone.”

Jantuah was involved in a double pass intercepted by Brennam Boron of St. Mary’s in the first quarter. This was the third of three trick plays that South had misfired early on. This failed with an onside kick to start the game and a fake punt to end the first possession.

Hurricane linebacker Tyrone Washington provided highlights to Southern defense when it hit Padmore-Johnson with a four-yard loss early in the second quarter. Winfield linebacker John Covert lost in two game-high tackles, including a 13-yard sack.

Shahid Jackson of Wheeling Park starred in the defense of the North and intercepted two passes. Massellman linebacker Justin Reinhardt has 10 tackles.

“It felt good,” Washington said with a laugh.

The South leads the best series 40-24-3 in history, while the North has won the series five times in a row. The shutout was the first since South won 7-0 in 2015 and the first since North won 22-0 in 2009.

N-Padmore-Johnson 43 Run (Deviny Knee)

N-Padmore Johnson 10 Run (Kick Block)

N-Warren 14 run (run failure)

N-Padmore-Flower 42 Pass from Johnson (Deviny Knee)

Rushyard 34-18534-88

Penalty-Yard 5-555-50

North: Warren 11-97, Padmore-Johnson 12-60, Gaines 2-21, Before 2-7, Mitchell 1-6 Hobbes 4-1; South: Jantua 11-28, Q. Wilson 7-19, Gourd 3-14, Griffith 6-10, Hall 3-9, Powell 3-8, Brownfield 1-0.

North: Padmore-Johnson 6-12-0, 88 yards; Boron 1-2-0, minus 3 yards; J. Koger 0-1-0, 0 yards; South: Jantua 6-15-0, 42 yards; Gordo 5-14-2, 44 yards; Griffith 0-1, 0 yards.

North: Flower 2-75, Ramirez 2-10, Wavelight 1-5, Mitchell 1- (minus 2), Brooks 1- (minus 3).

North Soccer Shuts South 26-0 | Sports

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