Northview’s first state championship secret

The historic Wildcats fought 18-0 on the stand with their biggest fans. Isaac Seyer is a lucky charm for the team.

Sylvania, Ohio — Isaac Seyer Northview High School Baseball TeamHowever, his influence cannot be measured by the statistical sheet. His journey into the Wildcats program began with a brief conversation in the school corridor.

“He’ll be like,’Hey, did you guys play a baseball game tonight?’ And I’ll be like’yeah’! Come out, it’s 5 o’clock, “said Northview Senior Braden Tuckett.

But not every day was perfect. The choppy water of high school life can sometimes pose an unexpected challenge to you. Isaac went home and told his family how the bully would ruin his day.

“It’s hard for parents to sit down and listen to it,” said Isaac’s dad, Chris Sayer. “You navigate all the negatives and try to find something positive. I told him to keep doing the right thing and take care of yourself, good things will happen. . “

“There were a lot of people making fun of their weight when they were in the 1st or 2nd grade,” says Isaac. “Then I met many of these guys, and these guys were good friends, and they were there for me whenever I needed their help.”

And that’s where this story changes.

His love for baseball and his open invitation to play in team games have grown much larger.

Northview lost several games because Isaac did not attend. But when he returned, suddenly Wildcats won and Isaac became a lucky charm.

“Director Szparka told me I can’t miss another match,” Isaac said. “I have to come to every game they have for the rest of the season.”

“It started with’they have a game’,’Can I go to the game?'” Said Chris Sayer. “It has a game in’us’.”

“I had my parents pick him up and take him to an away game for us,” said Northview head coach Greg Sparka. “We were 18-0 with him in every match. I can’t believe it.”

The team received a medal after winning a state championship match at Akron. But last weekend, during the celebration of returning to school, they prepared another medal.

Isaac officially joined the team, and Sparka wanted to know what he meant for the group.

“I said,’I need another one,’ but I didn’t have any questions,” Szparka said. “We just wanted to make him part of it. His name will appear on every T-shirt. He will be in the school photo. As long as this school is here, he will be on that wall. You will be standing. “

It started with a brief conversation in the school corridor, and it became even more. Lifelong memories and unfading bonds.

“There are 22 of us here, giving him a hug and a fist,” said Tuckett. “He may not have had the opportunity before. That’s why he always has the right chance to do something.”

“I can’t explain it in words. He’s currently in Cloud Nine,” said Chris Seyer. “It was a great combination. They needed him, and he needed them, and it worked tremendously.”

“It made me feel like they were my second family,” Isaac said. “They were very nice and compassionate.”

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Northview’s first state championship secret

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