Northwest Ohio Bridge for Only $ 1

The Roche de Boeuf bridge requires millions of dollars of repairs and will be demolished if no one buys it.

Waterville, Ohio — A landmark across the Maumee River for over a century. The Lotti de Bowf Bridge in Waterville is currently for sale.

Start bid? Only $ 1.

“I haven’t seen the bride before it was put up for auction. It’s a pretty unique experience,” said Rebecca Dangero, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation. “We can take care of this bridge and auction it as a last resort for those who want to take care of it.”

ODOT will auction bridges and real estate on either side of Lucas County or Wood County on June 30th. The property totals 5.5 acres and is valued for a total of $ 100. Dangero explains that the bridge is a safety issue for those who use the Maumee River.

Dangero says ODOT has reached out to historical societies, conservation groups, people who owned land near the bridge, and the city of Waterville. She states that there is one party of interest, but the deal was not closed.

Next, ODOT conducted a feasibility study. We considered several different options, from completely repairing the bridge to removing only the parts of the channel that pose a risk. Dangero says some proposals will cost tens of millions of dollars.

ODOT also considered removing the bridge altogether. The project cost an estimated $ 2.2 million.

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After that, there was a public rally.

Lotti de Bowf Bridge Historical Association “Today, the beautiful bridge is dilapidated and continues to fall into the river. It still remains as a beautiful place to paint the bridge. Today, part of the bridge arch has flowed down into the river and is in ruins. It is still owned, “according to the Ohio Highway Authority. Such a sad ending to a beautiful bridge. “

The auction will take place on Wednesday, June 30th at 10am at Sidecut Metro Park.

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Anyone who buys a bridge must agree to the contract. A series of conditions Such as posted by ODOT: “Purchaser bears all responsibility and obligation for maintenance, management, fixing, repair, replacement or removal of the structure of the bridge. Ownership.”

For more information Ohio Department of Transportation website..

Northwest Ohio Bridge for Only $ 1

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