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The proceedings were filed on behalf of a gun-controlled nonprofit organization founded by former Democratic US lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords.

O’Fallon, Missouri — in federal proceedings National Rifle Association Violated Election Funding Act by illegally pouring up to $ 35 million into Republican candidates using a shell company Former President Donald Trump, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri and others.

The Campaign Legal Center filed a proceeding in Washington on Tuesday. Gun Control Nonprofit Giftords Founded by a former Democratic US lawmaker. Gabrielle Giffords.. It condemned NRA practices dating back to 2014, “using a series of shell companies to circumvent election funding restrictions by illegally but secretly coordinating advertising with at least seven federal candidates. do”.

The proceedings have been nominated as Montana defendant Hurley and U.S. Congressman Matt Rosendale, but the text of the proceedings is also “not overreported” to the campaign of North Carolina Trump and Republican Senator Thom Tillis. I’m blaming NRA for “in-kind donations.” Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, and former Senator Cory Gardner in Colorado. According to the proceedings, his contribution to Rosendale was during his unsuccessful 2018 Senate campaign.

The proceedings said Trump’s 2016 campaign received up to $ 25 million as part of the plan.

Two NRA affiliates, the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund and the National Rifle Association’s Legislative Institute, have been accused of coordinating with Republican candidates to use the same personnel and vendors for campaign advertising.

“The Election Funding Act prohibits groups like NRA from buying influence over elected civil servants by coordinating candidate campaigns and spending,” said Molly Danahi, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center. Said in a news release. “When special interests like NRA secretly collude with candidates, this illegal adjustment disrupts our election process and gives voters the right to know who is spending to influence voting. Take away. “

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Thursday that the proceedings “will not stop anything in the pursuit of another deliberate mass abuse by adversaries-their anti-freedom agenda. This latest action is both transparent and false. We are moving in the direction. For example, the NRA is completely confident in its political activities and is working hard to set the record. “

E-mail messages left in offices such as Trump, Harley, and Rosendale cited in the proceedings were not immediately returned.

Giffords represented District 8 of Arizona from 2007 to 2012 and resigned after a mass shooting in Arizona in 2011, which caused brain damage when six people died.

According to the Campaign Legal Center, the Gifford organization first unveiled its allegations against NRA in 2018. Filed a series of complaints with the Federal Election Commission.. The center said Gifford had sued after the FEC took no action.

The proceedings seek an order to prevent the NRA from committing similar violations in future elections and require the court to request the NRA. Pay a penalty that matches the amount allegedly used illegally — Up to $ 35 million.

The proceedings accused NRA of illegally pouring money to support Tyris, Cotton and Gardner’s campaign in the 2014 elections with Johnson. Playing cards 2016 campaign, 2018 Hawley and Rosendale campaign.

NRA Illegal Donation Proceedings | 10tv.com

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