Oberlin City Council Approves School District Solar Panels | Ohio

According to a news release from the school district, the Oberlin City Council approved on May 17 that the city’s funds of $ 275,000 would be used by Oberlin City Schools to build a 24,860-square-foot solar array panel project.

The bill was passed by an urgent resolution with encouragement from David Hall, the superintendent of the Oberlin School.

The council first met on a proposal on May 3.

On May 17, Hall urged members to proceed due to safety concerns.

“If the city council had read three times about the $ 275,000 city grant, the construction start date for the solar array project would have been slightly delayed,” Hall said. “Our PreK-5 construction project is scheduled to be completed in August 2021.”

After passing, the project is currently scheduled to begin in June, facilitating a construction schedule that students can complete before returning to school on August 30.

Prior to the proposal submitted to the council, the school district made appropriate preparations for all summer school activities at Langston Middle School to avoid safety concerns of the Solar Array project.

“If any, fixing work will only be done at the location of the solar array during the school year,” Hall said. “We are very grateful to the Oberlin City Council for understanding our situation.

“Our goal is to create a safe atmosphere for the environment, and the new PreK-5th grade primary school is trying to build a sustainable building in line with the Oberlin City Climate Action Plan. Sustainability Important to our community, and Oberlin City School. “

In addition to the $ 275,000 city grant, the Green Edge Fund has allocated $ 10,000 to fund some of the solar arrays, the release said.

Oberlin City Council Approves School District Solar Panels | Ohio

Source link Oberlin City Council Approves School District Solar Panels | Ohio

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