ODOT Gives Cleveland $ 2.5 Million to Study Lakeside Plans

The plan requires a park-like overpass over State Highway 2 and a railroad track connecting the lakeside to the downtown area of ​​Cleveland.

Cleveland — The Ohio Department of Transportation has awarded the city of Cleveland $ 2.5 million to further study the lakeside transformation plan submitted by Haslam Sports Group.

Funding is provided after the Ohio Department of Transportation has submitted an application for funding for the Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC), with Haslams taking the lead. Together with a matching fund from the city, $ 5 million has been invested in the project.

“It sounds like a responsible approach,” ODOT director Jack Marchbanks said at a TRAC meeting Wednesday. “This is a downtown economic development project that requires a lot of parts and parts to be deployed. I think this is the way to go.”

The plan requires a park-like overpass over State Highway 2 and railroad tracks. It is expected to link the lakeside area around FirstEnergy Stadium, the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to other parts of downtown, especially the mall at the top of the Huntington Convention Center.

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The proposal requires a combination of private and public funding to assist in the payment of that funding, and is currently estimated to cost $ 230 million.

In a joint statement with Haslam Sports Group, the city of Cleveland said, “The funding has set the scope for this early stage of work, after which the procurement and project consensus process will begin in collaboration with ODOT.” It states. ..

The entire statement from the City of Cleveland and Haslam Sports Group can be read below.

“Thanks to ODOT for taking the time to review the city’s TRAC application for the lakeside vision. We had a productive conversation with ODOT and were based on the preparatory stage of this project. Understand their funding recommendations today. ODOT has the mayor’s vision and the feasibility proposed as the next step in this effort to promote economic development in our city and region. We have revealed that we support the study. We continue to receive strong community support for this vision and are best connected to pedestrians and cyclists properly and safely to Lake Erie, the region’s largest natural resource. We will work with ODOT on potential alternative sources of funding that are consistent with the city’s efforts to find ways to do this. ”

“The $ 2.5 million awarded by ODOT, coupled with the city’s matching fund, will provide $ 5 million to carry out the planning and engineering work needed for the overpass project. The scope of the phase is finalized and then the procurement and project agreement process begins in collaboration with ODOT. We look forward to continuing to work with ODOT and other stakeholders to advance this important project. I am doing it. ”

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ODOT Gives Cleveland $ 2.5 Million to Study Lakeside Plans

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