Ohio: A new destination for businesses and professionals from the coast

For years, these coastal areas have seemed like “where they should be” for opportunities. However, due to high living costs and business and population problems, citizens are looking for other options.

The time has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many companies and reassessed how they operate their businesses and where they are investing their capital. Today, these companies are aware that they can succeed globally outside the more expensive coasts.

The COVID-19 pandemic is consistent with an increase in do-it-yourself movers leaving densely populated US regions, especially New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. According to U-Haul® special report Analyze immigrant trends from 2020. Since 2016, more than 40 new businesses, about 10,000 jobs and $ 625 million salaries have arrived from the coast to Ohio.

Grant Schneider, Head of Upstart Columbus, said:

Ohio Compared Affordable
In Ohio, all the dollars go further, without sacrificing quality. According to the 2020 US News ranking, Ohio is number one in the most affordable states. Living costs in important cities in Ohio are 42-70% lower than in San Francisco and New York City. Ohio ranks third in the Moody’s Housing Affordability Index, measuring a great combination of high median income and low home prices to provide a quality life. (Third quarter of 2020).

Travel from the West Coast and California
From 2000 to 2020, California Net loss 2.6 million People to other US states. Also, in the first half of 2021, there were more relocations than all in 2018 or 2020. The reported relocation slowed during the pandemic, but is accelerating as the economy is heading for recovery.

And what are the destinations of these relocations? Midwest and Ohio.according to Data analysis According to consumer issues, the largest group to move to Ohio is California, with Florida and Texas being second and third, respectively.

West Coast coming to Ohio:

  • 29 companies
  • Over 5,000 jobs
  • Over $ 360 Million in Salary
  • Notable companies include Amgen, Bitwise Industries, Crocs, Facebook, Google, Nestle, Nexient, Protiviti, Quotient, Upstart, Veeva Systems and Waymo.

Travel from East Coast and New York City
Consumer issues Data analysis California says it has lost more people in the last two decades than any other state except New York. Like San Francisco, New York City welcomed more self-movements than saying goodbye in 2019. That migration trend reversed in 2020. From March to June 2020, arrivals in New York City plummeted 58% year-on-year and departures were curtailed. Only due to limited fleet inventory when the truck leaves the city.

East Coast coming to Ohio:

  • 12 companies
  • Over 4,850 jobs
  • Over $ 260 Million in Salary
  • Notable companies include BarkBox, Booz Allen Hamilton, Charles River Labs, FlightSafety International, Fund That Flip Hilco Vision, HomeGoods, Peloton Interactive and Salepta Therapeutics.

Onshore and reshore
The pandemic has revealed that the United States is overly dependent on foreign countries for important commodities.Lack of manufacturing capacity, broken Supply chain, And ineffective stockpiles led to a shortage of necessities when supplies were needed.

In a recent report from the nonprofit Heartland Forward, Reshorering America: Can Heartland take the lead?Re-payment‘Is defined as “returning manufacturing, outsourced personnel, and services from abroad to the United States, where products and services are sold.” Onshore ring brings manufacturing to the United States from other countries. Both are happening.

Companies such as Peloton, Mark One Manufacturing, CeramFab / WYG Refractories, The Chargeurs Group, and Phoenix Quality Manufacturing have commissioned Ohio to be onshore / reshore.

Ohio provides open, safe and cost-effective homes in its supply chain. In addition, Ohio’s business environment attracts global investment due to its simple tax system, central location, and legacy of manufacturing expertise.

People and businesses are moving to Ohio because they value Ohio’s opportunities and understand that success can be more achievable and sustainable in the “center” of the United States.

Ohio: A new destination for businesses and professionals from the coast

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