Ohio Announces Mass Dismissal in Mid-July

Cleveland — According to the Ohio Employment and Family Services Department, two Ohio companies announced mass dismissals in July.

Compass Group has dismissed 72 employees because it lost its contract with Cleveland State University, the company said in a letter to the department. The layoff will begin around September 7.

TTEC Home is closed nationwide. The company’s formwork means that six Ohio people will lose their jobs in July.

“All affected employees will receive a 60-day wage and allowance, a 60-day advance notice, or a combination of the two, instead of a notice, to ensure compliance with the Warning Act. All employees will be paid all earned wages and applicable benefits at the time of dismissal. ”

  • Compass Group USA — 72 employees
  • TTEC Home — 6 employees

Last week, less than 10,000 new unemployment claims were filed in Ohio. This is the first indication that claims have not reached or exceeded 10,000 plateaus since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ohio’s lawyer group is now suing Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio, driving the state into federal unemployment. An additional $ 300 for the unemployed..

The following companies announced a layoff in June:

Ohio Announces Mass Dismissal in Mid-July

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