Ohio Business Group Announces Judge Approval of State Supreme Court

LIMA — National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Ohio Political Action Committee (PAC), Ohio Business Roundtable PAC, Ohio Chamber of Commerce PAC, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation PAC, and Ohio Manufacturers Association PAC attended Monday for Sharon approval Was announced. Kennedy, the Supreme Court Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, and Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer re-elected to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The announcement was held at the manufacturer’s space in Lima, the home of the future Central District. Tracie Sanchez, owner of Lima Pallet Co. and a partner of MakerSpace, has been a member of the NFIB Leadership Council since 2009.

“Small businesses like me and those in this room can help energize our community and hire neighbors,” Sanchez said.

Five business groups believe that predictability is ultimately important. According to a press release, “Ohio’s business community relies on a predictable and consistent Supreme Court to enable large and small businesses to plan and grow in the future. Ohio’s business community relies on the Supreme Court. We believe that the Ohio Supreme Court needs to be involved and shared how important it is to Ohio’s economic environment. “

Ohio Supreme Court judges believe their duty is to represent the Constitution and apply the law to create jobs in Ohio. Judge Sharon Kennedy of the Supreme Court said: They are telling not only their members but also those who trust them: this is the person you should vote for. “

According to Roger Geiger, Executive Director of the NFIB Ohio, Judge Sharon Kennedy’s commitment to public services and his dedication to Ohio was exemplary.

Judge Kennedy truly understands the importance of judicial stability to the state’s economy and the role that courts can play as a third equivalent government agency. Ohio Small Business Comments proudly support Judges Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer in the Ohio Supreme Court’s reelection campaign. They have given the court a wealth of judicial experience combined with a strong record of impartiality and impartiality, “said Geiger.

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The business community has announced the approval of Judge Kennedy, Judge Dewine, and Judge Fisher.

Ohio Business Group Announces Judge Approval of State Supreme Court

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