Ohio COVID: Health officials release pandemic updates on Thursday

A press conference will take place when 50.9 percent of Ohio’s population reports that they are currently fully vaccinated.

Columbus, Ohio — As Ohio approaches A total of 1.5 million COVID-19 cases Since the pandemic began, state health officials have provided updates at press conferences, livestreaming at the beginning of this article.

The press conference is hosted by Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, who is also the director of the Ohio Department of Health.

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“In our case COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) It remains very high and it is clear that our combined efforts have actually paid off. ” Dr. Vanderhoff said at the last COVID press conference back on October 4th... “We need to be vigilant and protect ourselves from the spread of COVID-19 through vaccination.”

The following are the people who joined Dr. Vanderhoff for the press conference:

  • Kirk Tucker, MD, Chief Clinical Officer of Adena Health Systems
  • Adam Mezov, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

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“I know it was a very long journey,” said Dr. Vanderhoff earlier this month. “We are all tired of dealing with COVID-19, but I would like to ask everyone to be there.”

So where does Ohio currently stand in the COVID pandemic? The latest data reported by the Ohio Department of Health is as follows:

  • 5,648 new infections (as of October 13)
  • Ohio who received at least one vaccine: 54.6 percent
  • Currently fully vaccinated Ohio: 50.9 percent
  • Total number of cases to date: 1,480,371
  • Total number of hospitalizations to date: 76,289
  • Total death to date: 23,021

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Ohio COVID: Health officials release pandemic updates on Thursday

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