Ohio Health Department Reorganizes After 4,000 Unreported COVID-19 Deaths | News

Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio Health Department is rebuilding its infectious disease sector after as many as 4,000 unreported COVID-19 deaths were discovered, investigating how the error occurred. The state health director said Thursday.

The Ministry of Health said “process issues affecting the settlement and reporting of these deaths” began in October and most occurred in November and December. The department identified the problem during regular employee training.

“We are starting a standard management review process on how the problem occurred and why it wasn’t reported early,” said Health Director Stephanie MacLeod.

Adding data will increase the number of deaths reported daily by a few days, but the appropriate death date will be reflected in the state’s COVID-19 dashboard, the Department of Health said.

The underreported death announcement came Wednesday night, with MacLeod appearing in front of the House Finance Commission while she said nothing about the contradiction.

Columbus Democrat Diana Crawley, one of the lawmakers who asked MacLeod on Wednesday, said, “I understand that it’s been less than two months since the director got a job, but someone needs to answer this failure. There is. ” Of the reporting error at that time.

Republican Speaker of the House Bob Cupp spokesman Taylor Jack said the Speaker of the House has many questions and concerns about the issue.

Republican Governor Mike DeWine said Thursday’s daily coronavirus deaths exceeded 720, of which 650 were due to previously unreported deaths.

“We believe it will bring us back from real orbit,” Dewin said.

Republican state auditor Keith Faber has been auditing the Department of Health’s coronavirus death data since September. A spokeswoman said an error occurred while health officials were matching the state’s death certificate database with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s infectious disease database.

“We couldn’t make that reconciliation ourselves to come up with those numbers,” said Matt Eiselstein, Faber’s Director of Communications. The final audit is scheduled for next month.

Although not within the scope of Ohio’s major adjustments, it is not uncommon for health authorities to update the total number of coronavirus deaths based on data analysis.

Earlier this month, Yellowstone County, Montana, the state’s most populous county, added 47 deaths to the 179 reported as of February 2. Missouri regularly updates figures, adding 287 unreported deaths on Thursday. July and May.

Less than 1,800 people were hospitalized in Ohio for the coronavirus on Thursday. This is the benchmark that triggered the end of the curfew from 11 pm to 5 am in the state. Dewin said the curfew could be re-enforced if hospitalizations increase again.

According to the Associated Press analysis of the data provided, the 7-day moving average of daily new cases in Ohio has not increased over the past two weeks, from 5,122 new cases per day on January 27 to February 10. There were 3,129 new cases per day. According to the COVID tracking project.

In Kentucky, state vaccination deployments will begin to increase significantly in the coming weeks, adding more than 150 new locations, Governor Andy Beshear said. The announcement came after the recent increase in vaccine supply, and the Governor of the Democratic Party said it allowed the state to expand its bluegrass vaccination program.

“We need to increase the number of providers so that when vaccines are outbreaks, we can use them all very quickly to protect everyone,” Beshear said. Mr. says.

Most of the site is located in a pharmacy location independent of Walgreens in partnership with a federal program. There are also 6 new regional vaccine centers and 25 sites in the Kroger and Wal-Mart stores.

Public health officials have set a goal of controlling 90% of supply within 7 days of delivery. This goal has been achieved almost every week since January 5th. A winter storm on Wednesday closed many vaccination centers and reduced the state’s seven-day utilization. Up to 40%.

Dr. Steven Stack, a public health commissioner in Kentucky, said he expects the site to shut down due to bad weather on Friday.

Kentucky reported 1,880 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus and 36 virus-related deaths on Thursday. About 1,191 people are hospitalized.

In Boyd County, 18 new cases were reported, for a total of 4,421. 61 viruses have died in the county.

According to the World Health Organization, the state’s positive test rate is about 7.1%, the lowest since November 6. The positive rate is an indicator of the degree of virus spread. If the rate is less than 5% in 2 weeks and the test is extensive, the virus is considered to be under control.

In West Virginia, 12 virus-related deaths were reported, including a man in Cabell County.

The State Department (DHHR) has confirmed the death of a 50-year-old man, the death of the 156th virus in Cabell County. The virus has killed 2,187 people throughout the state.

469 new cases of COVID-19 were reported across West Virginia, for a total of 126,420 cases.

The total number of cases by county is Barber (1,154), Berkeley (9,332), Boon (1,502), Braxton (759), Brooke (1,957), Calhoun (7,420), Calhoun (217), Clay (362), Doddridge ( 447). , Fayette (2,526), ​​Gilmer (661), Grant (1,021), Greenbrier (2,341), Hampshire (1,467), Hancock (2,547), Hardy (1,245), Harrison (4,688), Jackson (1,631), Jefferson (1,631) 3,476), Kanauha (11,546), Lewis (966), Lincoln (1,169), Logan (2,581), Marion (3,535), Marshall (2,941), Mason (1,720), McDowell (1,314), Mercer (4,052), Minerals (3,476) 2,550), Mingo (2,041), Monongalia (7,472), Monroe (918), Morgan (898), Nicholas (1,117), Ohio (3,507), Pendleton (604), Pleasant (788), Pocahontas (574), Preston (2,473), Putnam (4,011), Raleigh (4,429), Randolph (2,309), Ritchie (590), Roan (479), Summers (688), Taylor (1,052), Tucker (480), Tyler (600), Up Shah (1,605), Wayne (2,526), ​​Webster (280), Wetzell (1,043), Wort (338), Wood (6,782), Wyoming (1,689).

Cabell County reported 850 active cases on Thursday, while Wayne County reported 213.

Ohio Health Department Reorganizes After 4,000 Unreported COVID-19 Deaths | News

Source link Ohio Health Department Reorganizes After 4,000 Unreported COVID-19 Deaths | News

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