Ohio landlord orders to pay $ 100,000 in sexual harassment

Landlords Anthony Hubbard, Ann Hubbard, Jeffery Hubbard, PayUp LLC, and No Joke Properties Inc. have agreed to pay $ 100,000 to settle a fair housing law proceeding.

Washington- Editor’s Note: The video above is from a 2020 survey of 11 Investigates on allegations of sexual harassment by Toledo’s landlord.

The Justice Department said Thursday that Toledo landlords Anthony Hubbard, Ann Hubbard, Jeffrey Hubbard, Payup LLC, and No Joke Properties, Inc. agreed to pay r $ 100,000. Announced.Anthony Hubbard resolves fair housing law proceedings alleging sexual harassment of female tenant In a rental property he owned or managed with another defendant.

“People deserve to be safe in their homes, and sexual harassment in their homes deprives them of their rights,” said Kristen Clark, Deputy Prosecutor of the Civil Rights Department of the Justice Department. “The Ministry of Justice does not tolerate landlords who sexually harass their tenants and abuse their power. We will continue to actively enforce the Fair Housing Act on landlords engaged in this act.

Brigitte M. Brennan, Deputy Federal Attorney for the Northern Ohio District, said: “We continue to work to eradicate homeowners and landlords for vulnerable residents seeking safe and affordable housing opportunities for them and their families.”

The· settlementRequires approval by the U.S. District Court for Northern Ohio, where defendants pay a total of $ 90,000 to three female tenants affected by Hubbard’s harassment and a civil penalty of $ 10,000 to the United States. Is requesting. Reconciliation:

  • Anthony Hubbard is prohibited from continuing to manage rental housing.
  • Require that Anthony Hubbard retain an independent real estate manager to manage the rental properties it currently or will own.And
  • Defendants require fair housing training and comprehensive anti-discrimination policies and complaints procedures to prevent sexual harassment in their property in the future.

In a US lawsuit filed in October 2019, Anthony Hubbard alleged that the property he managed was involved in unwelcome sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual harassment and comments on female tenants. Send unwanted sexual text messages, videos and photos. Offer to reduce or exempt monthly rent, security deposit, and utility bills in exchange for sexual activity. Enter the female tenant’s house without prior notice without consent.

In an interview with WTOL11 in 2020, one of the accusators gave Anthony Hubbard a sexually explicit text message in exchange for a significant amount of rent and utility charges for his former home in Macomba, central Toledo. She sent and stated that she requested sexual favor. The rent was late or needed repairs.

“I didn’t think it was too good because I used to have a landlord who helped me with what I needed, such as a fridge and a stove, but I didn’t have sex with him,” the woman said.

Stephen Hartman, a lawyer for Spengler Nathanson, said his client did nothing wrong at the time.

“He categorically denies that he has been discriminated against by anyone in the housing sector,” Hartman said.

The U.S. also said that Anthony Hubbard carried out part of this sexual harassment while managing real estate on behalf of other defendants (Ann Hubbard, Jeffrey Hubbard, Payup LLC, No Joke Properties, Inc.). Insisted. Act on their behalf.

The proceeding was filed jointly by lawyers in the Civil Rights and Citizens Departments of the Federal Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio. Sexual harassment in the Department of Justice’s housing initiative is led by the Civil Rights Department in collaboration with federal prosecutors offices across the country. The goal of this sector’s initiative is to address and raise awareness of sexual harassment by landlords, real estate managers, maintenance workers, loan officers, or others who manage homes. Since launching the initiative in October 2017, the Justice Department has filed 21 proceedings alleging sexual harassment in homes and has recovered more than $ 2.5 million for victims of such harassment.

The Civil Rights Department of the Department of Justice enforces the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination against housing based on race, color, religion, country of origin, gender, disability, or family status. For more information on the Civil Rights Department and the laws it enforces, please visit: http://www.justice.gov/crt..

Individuals can report sexual harassment or other forms of housing discrimination by calling the Department of Justice. 1-800-896-7743, Send an email to the Ministry of Justice fairhousing@usdoj.gov Or Submit a report online.. Individuals can also contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to report such discrimination. 1-800-669-9777 Or by File a complaint online..

Ohio landlord orders to pay $ 100,000 in sexual harassment

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